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My Recording Session as Dottie for Disney Planes Movie

We attended a media event where all our expenses were covered on behalf of Disney.


Last month, we had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go inside of the recording booth at Disney Toon Studios to act a scene as Dottie for Disney Planes Movie. When I first walked into the room, it there was a long sectional sofa with baskets of candy, snacks and bottled water. One half of the room looked like a lounge while the other half of the room looked like the command center inside of the space shuttle.


Before getting a chance to transform into Dottie, we got a chance to talk with Jason Henkel, the casting director and his associate Heather about how they cast for the Disney movie “Planes.” The four-year process involved table reads with professional actors, pitching recommended actors to the director and a lot of research.


Then it was time for me to walk out of the room and go into the recording booth. I could see the team that worked with the cast of Disney “Planes” through a small glass window, and they directed me on what to do through a large pair of audio headsets.


In front of me was my script, and in front of me was the clip so that I could follow along with my scene. There was a series of beeps that prompted me when to say my lines. It was one of the most thrilling experience of my life.

The first time that I read the script I was so focused on following along with my characters lips, but by the time I did my third take I was fully into character.

When I got the final copy of my scene as Dottie in Disney “Planes,” I showed it to my kids. My youngest Tyler said, “ are in Planes?” Now everywhere that we go, he makes it a point to tell his friends to see Disney “Planes” on August 9th because, “my mommy is in it.”

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  1. Love it! You’re ‘racing again!!’ line is perfect! This was so much fun!

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