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My Time with The Queen of England

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

Rebecca Hall and Penelope Wilton in The BFG

It’s been a long time dream of mine to meet the Queen of England, and earlier this month that dream became a reality when I sat down with the Queen of England in the upcoming movie “The BFG.” Along with spending time with Penelope Wilton “The Queen,” I also had the honor of meeting Rebecca Hall, who portrays Mary in the film.


Wilton gave an Oscar worthy performance as The Queen in The BFG. If I had not already seen Wilton in previous films, I would have thought that she was the “real” Queen when first watching the movie. Spielberg had Wilton in mind when casting the part, and when they called her to see if she would be in the film, she immediately agreed. “If Steven Spielberg wants you to do a movie, you do it,” said Wilton. It was also the case with Hall who said, “I got a call saying it’s not a very big part, but he has asked specifically for you to do it, so I’m like well, I’ll do it, of course, I will.”


Recently, Wilton was given the esteem honors of becoming a Dame. “It’s rather surreal being a Dame,” said Wilton. She found out about it seven weeks ago, and they told her not to tell anyone until it was announced to the public. Before finding out about the honor, they had sent the notice to the wrong address, and when they hadn’t heard back from her, they sent another notice to her agent. “If the Prime Minister puts your name forward to the Queen, would you accept it? So, I said I would. Then there was a total silence and of course then, I thought I dreamt that.” said Wilton.


Both Wilton and Hall enjoyed working with the talented Ruby Barnhill. “She really made me laugh all the time. She made me work out dance routines and gave me a nickname because of my purple dress. I was Purple Swan for some reason,” said Hall. The Wilton added, “She’s a darling. She’s got the most wonderful sense of humor; she’s a lovely girl. She also takes direction very well, and she concentrates. When you’re young, repetition is really boring, and she managed it.”


There are so many beautiful scenes in the film, and it was the dreams that were a favorite of Wilton. “I like the dreams because it’s written in the book that they catch the dreams, but Steven made the dreams so beautiful and then the angry dreams, the red dreams, when they get caught in the bottle, when they go under the water then, I loved that,” said Wilton. Hall also enjoyed the dream scenes, but it was when everyone was having “whizzpoppers” that was her favorite. “It’s brilliant. It’s so funny,” said Hall. Then Wilton added, “We had fun playing that scene. It’s a private moment that you don’t often see.”


The film is extraordinary for Wilton because she was given the chance to work with Hall. “Because I worked with Rebecca’s father, Sir Peter Hall when he ran the National Theater, so I remember when she was born,” said Wilton. Then Hall turned to Wilton and said, “I remember a figure who I’ve always admired and loved from afar, so it was a real treat to get to work properly with you.”

Don’t miss seeing Wilton and Hall in the upcoming film The BFG that opens in theaters this Friday! Learn more about The BFG on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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