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Navigating Health Insurance Options


Navigating Health Insurance Options

It is currently health insurance open enrollment time, which is a critical time for many families. When it comes to making insurance decisions, it can be confusing and hard to navigate for many people, but everyone has the same goal of finding an insurance company that will take the best care of your family. We talked with the area director of account management at Kaiser Permanente about what families need to know when selecting an insurance company.

When I got on the phone to talk with John Gustafson, area director of account management at Kaiser Permanente Orange County about insurance options he had mentioned how he had come down with the flu earlier in the week. He shared with me how he was able to have a telephone appointment with his Kaiser doctor who phoned in his prescriptions, and he didn’t have to leave the house. He was thrilled with how easy it was to get care and that he could do it all from the comfort of his home. I was amazed at how seamless his care was with Kaiser Permanente.

Since it is open enrollment time, it got me thinking about making the switch from our current insurance to Kaiser Permanente. Since my husband works for a large employer, we are in open enrollment time, with our new or current insurance having an effective date of January 1st.

One of the best tips that John shared with me about when selecting an insurance policy is to look at it like when you purchase car insurance. If something happens to your car, do you want it fixed at 100%? Then you would want full coverage. Or are you a person that is rarely sick and looking for insurance that would only cover catastrophic events, then you might want to consider an insurance policy that covers your basic wellness visits but has a high deductible.

He also said to ask yourself a lot of questions. There are many different insurance options, and you’ll want to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you want a comprehensive plan? Minimum coverage? Ask a lot of questions!

Another important thing to do to is to talk with your significant other. John often finds that when people are buying insurance, that they haven’t discussed it with their spouse, and the spouse might have different goals. You’re making a big financial decision, insurance is expensive, and it’s important for couples to make the decision together. Kaiser Permanente has been working hard to make insurance more affordable – but it is still a major cost item for families.

The thing that makes Kaiser Permanente stand out from other insurance companies is that families can get all their healthcare under one roof. They are a company that is proactive with wellness care, and is focuses on keeping people healthy. If your family is currently in the open enrollment period, you can go to the Kaiser Permanente website, and there are tools to help you compare the different policies to help find the insurance policy that will best fit your family needs.

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