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Never Stop Skating

When I first met my boyfriend, I thought he was kidding about his love for skateboarding. He was 63 when we met and used his skateboard to get around town in Laguna Beach – a place where during the summer, it is almost impossible to find parking to go to the market or grab a bite to eat for the locals.

Then, when I came to his house, I found that he had been an avid collector of skateboards over his lifetime living in Laguna Beach – and the funny part is that he always rides his longboards barefoot – like a true local. Whenever he picks me up for dinner, his backseat always has a giant skateboard in the back.

I always knew when he was on one of his boards around town because I could hear the wheels rolling through his earbuds. I recently learned about Magnetoboards. With him getting a wee bit older, I thought an electric board like Bustin Boards would be better for him (and slightly safer), but he said that the Bamboo Dancer board would be something killer to test out.

He has been riding the Bamboo Dancer around town for the past week. He keeps telling me how it turns excellent (and a bunch of other skateboarder terms) and that he wants to turn the board upside down to avoid the curve at the ends.

But, it is a great board – very well made. Since my boyfriend rides barefoot, he does not have the no-slip on his other boards, which this board does have. It is a sturdy ride, smooths turnely, and its good for caring (not sure if I got that term right, but did my best) turns.

The company was forward thinking and created a board for people like him called the barefoot board. Growing up in a beach community, most guys ride their boards barefoot while carrying their surfboards; this is the first company that has figured that out by creating a board that is comfortable to ride barefoot while carrying your gear from the beach back to the house.

I recommend the Bamboo Dancer for skaters who love the ride and the Barfoot Board for beach locals. Either way, the company is local, committed, and makes a high-quality product you can trust.



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