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New ABC Drama: Station 19

We attended the set as a guest of ABC

photo credit to: ABC/Eric McCandless

Have you ever watched Greys Anatomy? Well if you have, you are going to love this spinoff TV Show called Station 19. From the saving lives to the inside romance drama, this TV show has it all. Especially the action!!!

Photo credit ti:
ABC/Eric McCandless

Photo credit to:
ABC/Eric McCandless

The show follows the lives of firefighters who work at Station 19, and within the station, there is endless romance and drama. All while they are trying to save lives. When the chief has to step down due to an accident someone has to step up and take his place. With the chief’s daughter being Andy (one of the main characters) she is ready to step up.

Photo credit to:
ABC/Mitch Haaseth

photo credit to: ABC/Eric McCandless

As Annie tries to figure out her way to lead she also has to deal with the struggle of falling for two boys and having flings with both of them. The drama is perfect for anyone looking to be entertained and sees how firefighters work. Just watching the trailer left me wanting more. Watching Annie interact with fellow firefighters and characters from Grey’s Anatomy like Meredith Grey.

The set of this show is also amazing. With all of the fires and Seattle and the station. There is always something new to spice up every episode, I’m sure. Looking at the trailer, you can see all of the detailing that went into creating the set when it comes to the buildings and the ambulance. Everything looks like it could be happening in the real world right now.

photo credit to: ABC/Image Group LA

While on the set of Station 19, we had the opportunity to talk with Captain Robert Sullivan (Jason Winston George) and the Producer/Showrunner Stacy McKee about the show. We also got surprised with the appearance of Jaina Lee Ortiz who plays Andrea Herrera. The chemistry between the two actors was unlike anything I have seen before. They were both laughing together and sharing with us everything that they love about the show they are creating.

photo credit to: ABC/Derek Johnson

The show airs Thursdays at 9|8c on ABC; also available streaming and on demand, and you will not want to pass up the opportunity to get addicted to a new TV Show like Greys Anatomy, because I mean, who didn’t love that show?

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