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New Dining Hot Spot: Legado Bar + Kitchen

We dined as a guest

After living in South Orange County for the past 15+ years, I am always in search of a new restaurant that serves fresh and creative culinary dishes. The only downside to South Orange County is that it is the chain restaurant capital of California with very few innovative family-owned restaurants.

I always find myself driving to North Orange County to get a meal that is made with fresh, organic and GMO-free ingredients until now. I had heard a lot of buzz around the opening of Legado Bar + Kitchen, and I wanted to wait a couple of weeks after they opened before coming in to try their culinary creations so they could work out any kinks that go along with opening a new restaurant.

I was thrilled that I happened to be in town the afternoon of their ribbon cutting ceremony, so I make plans to bring the kids in for lunch with one of my friends. All of the local and state officials came out to welcome Legado Bar + Kitchen to Laguna Niguel. After a short ceremony and a memorable ribbon cutting ceremony, we went into the restaurant for lunch.

When I first looked at the menu, I was impressed with the wide variety of options. The vast menu offers something for everyone in the family to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact, there were so many good choices it was hard for me to decide on just one dish, and I finally decided on ordering the beef stroganoff.

Before we ordered our main dishes, we shared the spinach artichoke dish. The warm and creamy dip came served with slices of freshly baked cheese flavored pita bread – oh my! Even though I was trying to detox from my trip to Hawaii, after one bite, I couldn’t stop eating the flavorful appetizer.

After the appetizer, my mouth was watering in anticipation of my beef stroganoff. It is a dish that I rarely find on a restaurant menu and one that I always order because it brings back many happy memories from my childhood. The sauce was much lighter than the clumpy pink sauce that mom would make and was a refreshing “clean” take on the hearty classic dish. I had intended just to have a couple of bites, but I ended up eating every last bite – it was that good!

It was the cheesesteak sandwich that caught the eye of my daughter, and she paired it with a light salad. She said that it was one of her favorite cheesesteaks that she has ever tasted. It was the perfect amount of steak and cheese, and the flavors blended beautifully together. The serving size was large enough for two people, and she was able to take the leftovers home to enjoy for lunch the next day.

My son was in for a delicious surprise when his avocado burger arrived. The burger was one of the biggest his eyes have ever set upon, and it was cooked to perfection. He enjoyed every bite of his juicy burger and crispy fries.

Legado Bar + Kitchen is the perfect place for families to enjoy a meal together or for couples to have a date night at their large wrap around bar. The restaurant is a refreshing arrival for South OC families that has been needed in our community for quite awhile. Legado Bar + Kitchen has a great brunch menu and is perfect for your next lunch or dinner out. I guarantee that it will become your new favorite dining spot in South OC.

Legado Bar + Kitchen is located at 30065 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677. Reservations are available by calling (949) 215-2020.

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