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New Disney’s Live Action Aladdin Film Review

We attended a screening as a guest of Disney

One of my all-time favorite princesses is Princess Jasmine. Some of my first memories are waking up really early and dressing up like her to go to Disneyland. When I found out that in the lineup for this years Disney Film Aladdin was going to be one of them, I freaked out and knew I had to go see it!

Disney's Live Action Film Aladdin

My mom told me that we would be attending an early screening in LA, and I got so excited. We drove up to LA to see the film, and when we sat down in the theater with our popcorn, I could barely contain my excitement. The movie began, and from the very first song, I was immersed in a beautiful Middle Eastern world.

One of my favorite things about the original film and now the live action film is the music. I have all of the songs on Disney vinyl and continuously play them. Some of my favorite Disney music has come from Aladdin. Going into the movie, I knew the music was going to be amazing, but what I saw and heard utterly blew me away. I loved listening to all the new voices that still sounded so amazing with the familiar tunes.

There was also a completely new song added to the film for beautiful Princess Jasmine to sing and it was so moving to so many people in the audience. The song was well written and had me mesmerized with every next word.

Disney's Aladdin Live Action

Another thing about the film that was breathtaking was all of the scenery and costumes. Especially in the songs like “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World.” With every new scene, I was looking at the costumes in awe. There is so much culture in this film, and it makes it about ten thousand times better. They kept some of the costuming from the original while adding their own little twist of modern Disney magic to it.

I also must point out the choreography of this film was spectacular. The dancing was beautifully crafted and had me wanting to get up on my feet and dance along with everybody. Jamal Sims was the mastermind behind the choreography, and it made the movie perfect.

Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud, and so many more did such a fantastic job portraying these wonderful Disney characters. Some points throughout the movie, I had to stop and remember I was watching the live action version and not the cartoon.

Disney’s Aladdin is out in theaters this today, and you are definitely going to want to watch this film with your family.

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