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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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New Downtown Disney Starbucks Inspired by the Magic of Disney


Families will have a high quality experience at the all-new Downtown Disney Starbucks that was inspired by the magic of Disney. Starbucks has a spirit of innovation, always trying new things, and this Starbucks creates a unique experience for families in Orange County.


The location was built to be sustainability focused, and to have a strong local relevance. The building has beautiful reclaimed box car wood around the front of the building and throughout the inside of the store.


Knowing that the location will be busy, Starbucks was driven to design a location that would be a place for families to have a respite and a place to pull off to take a break. With that goal in mind, they designed a beautiful inviting patio to create a California alfresco experience around a mature previously existing tree.



It was built to be very functional and easy for families to come in and out of the location. Guests will first come into the entrance, order their drinks and food before exiting the ramp on the other side of the building that flows onto a welcoming patio.



Guests will enjoy storytelling from the artwork on the walls. The painting at the entrance features oranges on coffee groves as Starbucks shows the company and the region coming together in a welcoming and unique way.



To continue the spirit of storytelling there is a giant screen in the center of the store that features an artistic story of how coffee is made. Every scene is different as the pictures change showing the bean planted, harvested, and processed through stunning imagery.



Our favorite feature of the new Orange County Starbucks is the chalkboard drawing and photo wall. Families can see themselves rendered in chalk on the interactive wall while relaxing and sipping on their favorite beverage. Children are invited to explore their creativity by using their fingers to make their own illustrations on the wall.



Guests can order their favorite Starbucks beverage at the main counter, or order a Reserve coffee sourced from major coffee regions around the world at a private brewing station.


This new innovative Starbucks location will create a magical experience when your family comes to Downtown Disney. The new location officially opened their inviting doors to our community today.


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  1. The new store looks so awesome! I cannot wait to go check it out. Thank you for sharing all of the details. Great write-up!

  2. We are so excited to see a Starbucks at our vacation destination. Since our kids were small, we have gone on a “COFFE QUEST”, looking for the closest store to wherever we stayed. Califronia, Florida, D.C., Oregon. Being from Seattle, we love our coffee. Thank you Starbucks and thank you Shelby for the great post.

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