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A New Twist on Your Cardio Workout

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Jumpstart Your Health in the New Year

After not being able to exercise for a couple of weeks after having surgery, I was having trouble getting motivated to start working out again. Every time I walked past my elliptical, I just couldn’t bring myself to get back on it, but I knew that I needed to start working out again, so I began looking into a fun way to mix-up my traditional ‘boring’ workout routine.

Cardio Dance Hoop

When I started researching workout routines, I was overwhelmed with all the different options that are available. There was one workout that stood out to me and looked like a fun way to spice up my workout – The Cardio Dance Hoop.

Once my Cardio Dance Hoop arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it. I was able to assemble it within just a few minutes, got my workout clothes on, put in the 30-minute DVD workout guide, and got started.

The workout was unlike anything I’ve done before. I didn’t even feel like I was working out and it was the perfect fitness routine to get me excited about working out again.

Cardio Dance Hoop Sizes

I felt like a teenager again as I rocked my hips to the music while having the cardio hula hoop swing around my waist. I was able to burn 600 calories per hour which is more than I was burning with my traditional workout.

The product features three hoops in one that I can easily increase my workout by removing sections from the hoop with just a twist and a click. I have been enjoying learning new Latin and Hip Hop dance moves while using the product and losing weight.

Cardio Dance Hoop Assembly

If you are looking for a new way to spice up your workout routine and lose weight in the New Year, then you’ll have a blast exercising with the Cardio Dance Hoop. The kit comes with a 30-minute DVD and workout guide. There are five dance routines for you to learn and more available online. The Cardio Dance Hoop is priced at $29.99 and is available online.

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