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New York City Sailboat Sightseeing Excursion

I visited NYC/boat tour as a guest of Sony

Last week, I had a whirlwind 48 hour trip to New York City to learn more about the upcoming film Spider-Man Homecoming. After attending the press conference with the cast of the film, I boarded a sailboat with a group of friends to explore New York City from the sea and got an opportunity to see the city in the same light as Peter Parker.

We arrived at Chelsea Piers and then boarded a beautiful sailboat to spend the day on the Hudson. Before the boat left the dock, we were handed a chilled glass of rose wine and presented with a beautiful tray of meats and cheese.

The fun began as the boat took off and the white sails went up the mast of the boat. I have been to New York City many times, but it’s always been for meetings, and I’ve never gotten a chance to see very much of New York.

While sailing, the wind was blowing my hair; I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the city that stood in front of the crystalline waters of the Hudson River. I was able to see the tall building that Spider-Man has been spotted swinging from with his spider webs, the statue of liberty, and the famous Staten Island Ferry that makes a debut in the upcoming film.

Exploring New York by the sea was the best way to be introduced to the beauty of the city for the first time. I got an opportunity to see the city in the most beautiful light, and the experience brought the story of Spider-Man Homecoming to life.

When planning an upcoming trip to New York City, make plans to take your family for a boat ride along the Hudson River. It is the best way to fall in love with the city and a great way to talk to your children about the famous city that Spider-Man helps to keep safe.

As we got off the boat, one of the skippers revealed that he had been struck by a spider!

Spider-Man Homecoming will be in theaters this Friday, July 7th. Don’t miss sharing the best story of Spider-Man ever created with your children this weekend. It is guaranteed to be your favorite family movie of the summer.

Learn more about Spider-Man: Homecoming online, Facebook, and Twitter.

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