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Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar in Santa Rosa

Eat more pie. Because “Pie not”?

Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar

When visiting Santa Rosa, we had an unforgettable dinner at Bollywood Bar & Clay Oven. After dinner we noticed that a new pie bar had just opened next door, so we went in to check it out before walking down to The Jade Room Wine Bar for a nightcap.

menu at Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar

The minute that we walked into the store, the aroma tantalized our tastebuds. They feature a select amount of freshly baked pies and ice cream. I couldn’t resist tasting almost every flavor of ice cream before making my dessert decision. All of the ice creams were rich, creamy and delicious.

Noble Folk Ice Cream

Best places for Ice Cream in Santa Rosa

What makes their ice cream so delicious and unique? Because it is locally made and sourced. Everything made local is always better. It is made locally at their creamery in Healdsburg, California. Plus, they use local ingredients from Gayle’s Dry Creek peaches and triple crown blackberries from Front Porch Farms. Also, they offer dairy and vegan options as well.

Ice cream flavors at Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar

Freshly Made Pies

During my visit, I didn’t have a chance to get a taste of their pie, but everyone in the store was raving about how delicious their pie was. All of their pies are made fresh daily and without any preservatives or artificial flavors. The flavors change from time to time, making it a great excuse to keep coming back for more.

Cookies and pie at Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar

By the time we were done ordered, there was a line of people out the door, excited to get a taste of the dessert destination in Downtown Santa Rosa. We took our ice cream and walked along the streets of Santa Rosa enjoying each others company.


Decor at Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar in Santa Rosa

When visiting Santa Rosa with your family, make plans to visit Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar with your kids. I guarantee that you’ll find yourself coming back for more throughout your trip. Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar is located in Downtown Santa Rosa at 539 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

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