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By the Numbers: Ralph Breaks the Internet

I attended the interview as a guest of Disney

The one thing that I loved about the upcoming film ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is that the story takes off right where we left off in ‘Wreck-it-Ralph.’ Last month, I went to the Walt Disney Animation Studios to learn all about the making of the film ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet,’ and one thing I was fascinated with was everything that went into creating this animation masterpiece. While talking with the creators of the film, they shared these amazing numbers with us…

When it came to writing the story for ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ I these are the numbers that went into bringing it to life:

15 story artists
10 screenings of the film
45 total sequences in the film
153 total sequences boarded
7883 total sequence versions
283,839 total storyboards drawn

One of their biggest challenges was creating the world of the internet since it is not an “actual place.” These are some of the numbers of how they created the world of the internet:

150 master sets
5,736 unique assets
100,000 elements in one shot where Ralph and Vanellope are looking out over the internet
1.9 million render hours/day

Then there was populating the internet with “Netizens” to the “Net Users. These are some fascinating numbers comparing the number of characters created for this film vs. other Disney movies.

Bolt: 57 characters
Wreck-it-Ralph: 223 characters and 421 variations
Zootopia: 182 characters and 687 variants
Ralph Breaks the Internet: 434 characters – 6,752 variants – plus color swings 500,000+ options

So much hard work went into creating the hilarious movie ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet.’ Don’t miss bringing your family to see it in theaters on November 21st. Learn more about Ralph Breaks the Internet online, Facebook, and Instagram.

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