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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Oak Park in Aliso Viejo


Oak Park in Aliso Viejo is busy neighborhood park, but it’s also a park worth driving down to visit. This park has two play structures, swings, a basketball court, and plenty of grass to run and play. The only downside to this park is the limitations on parking.




Where is it located?
The park is located at the corner of Oakgrove Drive and Weybridge Way in Aliso Viejo. Parking right in front of the park on Oakgrove Drive is blocked, but if you continue up Oakgrove Drive, you’ll find more street parking.




This park is one of the first parks built in Aliso Viejo, so it has a lot of mature trees offering plenty of shade for the kids. It is also surrounded by houses full of little kids, so the picnic tables are often reserved for birthday parties on the weekends.



We love to come to this park to play ball games with the kids. There is such a large amount of a grass for the kids to run and play all day long. There is also a separate basketball court that has its own water fountain.



This part is nestled right on a busy street, so if you have toddlers who are in that “running off” stage, I don’t recommend bringing them to this park.


Let’s talk about the play structures!
They two structures are nestled inside of a giant sand pit. There is one structure for older kids, and one for toddlers. The toddler structure is one of our favorites because it is truly built perfectly for young kids.

The larger structure has one of my kids favorite slides in Aliso Viejo and lot of places for your kids to climb, explore and let their imagination grow.


Inbetween the two play structures is a giant swing set. The swing set is designed with kids in mind with enough spacing to avoid any toddlers accidently getting knocked down by a child swinging.


Bring a picnic blanket and lunch to spend the afternoon at this beautiful park in Aliso Viejo.


Enjoy visiting this fun Orange County park with your kids!

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