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OC Dad Dedicated to Getting Fit at Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo

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Photo courtesy of RCSAV

The hardest part of reaching a goal is to understand the end. When I started my MBA program, on our first day of orientation our Dean of school wrote down a date. It was three years into the future, and he explained that it was our graduation date. It would make it easier when things get a little tough.

With that mindset I started my new road to losing 20 pounds. I have been working out on and off for the past two years with little success. First six months I did manage to lose about 5 pounds but I hit a plateau and didn’t know how to get out of it. Eventually it was a losing battle.


Photo courtesy of RCSAV

Not this around – that is my new motto. I started my new journey at The Renaissance ClubSport this past Sunday. And within minutes I can see that I am going to lose my 20 pounds this time around. No questions asked. Let me tell you why.

Photo courtesy of RCSAV

Photo courtesy of RCSAV

It all begins at the registration table – signing up for my membership was so very easy. Just a few minutes and I was done with the paper work; and one photo later I was good to go.

Well I did the actual registration on Saturday. I was so pumped up about my new membership, I decided to go and purchase new workout attire for my “debut” on Sunday. I found some great active wear clothes and I was ready to rock and roll.

Photo courtesy of RCSAV

Photo courtesy of RCSAV

Day 1 – Sunday:
In my new clothes I strolled to the registration desk. Showed my ID and the person behind the counter smiled and welcomed me to the club! Imagine that? Staff member greeted me and welcomed me. That didn’t happen at the other place. But wait there is more! There were towels there ready for my use. I grabbed one of course. The other place I had to locate a towel that was not going to be missed at home and be gym appropriate (I can’t show up in Hello Kitty themed towel trying to do chess presses).

I walked up to the gym area and I discovered I had grabbed the wrong type of towel. Oh the irony of it all. The towel I had grabbed was for the pool. They had specific towels for the gym area. Nonchalantly I looked around and found the towel bucket and threw in the incorrect type of towel and grabbed a white one.

Now I was ready to work out. And I noticed my next faux pas. I had managed to purchase the same style and color active wear as the staff. I was worried that people would stop me and ask me how to use the machines. This was not a good start for me. Luckily for me, apparently my general appearance and very obvious lack of knowledge on how to use the machines “screamed” that I was not a staff member.

I finally began my workout routine. First of all, let me tell you these machines are years ahead of anything I have seen at the other place. Just the treadmill alone was something I could spend all day on. It had a TV, iPod Connection, a fan, and a radio and did I mention that it had its own fan? How cool is that? Spending 30 minutes doing cardio on this treadmill is a piece of cake. Hmmm, need to start thinking of better references than fattening food.

While I was doing my work out one thing struck me. First there were staff members constantly walking around the machines and cleaning them. The machines are clean and ready to use. Also there were trainers walking around making sure you are doing the workouts correctly. Questions? No problem! Just ask away. What a great idea!

First day of my workout went great. I spent 1.5 hours working out and I didn’t even notice the time flying by.

Oh and if you are there make sure you have their fruit infused water. It is refreshing and changes on daily basis. First day, I had cucumber water, and orange water. Next day there was strawberry water and lemon water. If nothing else, I will drop by just to have their water!

I am convinced that losing the 20 pounds will be a breeze this time around.

To be continued….

Houman Jazaeri is an OC dad who juggles work, play and his love of technology. On the side he runs, a website that reviews apps and has published his first book, 52 Apps for the College Student.
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