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OC Mattress King Gives Parents a Good Night Sleep

OC Mattress 2

The most important thing that parents need is a good night sleep. While many parents might be getting in enough hours of sleep, the mattress they are sleeping on could be causing restless nights. It wasn’t until I started monitoring my sleep habits with my new fit bit monitor that I realized that I wasn’t getting a much needed good night sleep. I needed to sleep well in order to be the best mom that I can be, so we started our journey of looking for a new mattress.

While I thought purchasing a new mattress was as easy as going down to furniture row and picking out a mattress, it ended up being a hugely complicated process. Much like buying a car the mattress salespeople on the sales floor were shenagling with pricing and sent my husband and me away extremely confused. Soft, hard, pillow top, foam..there are more choices when purchasing a mattress then there really needs to be. We also found out that every mattress store guarantees to beat the other store prices, but they all name the “same” mattress different names causing families never to be able to take advantage of price matching.

OC Mattress 1

With many families who have multiple kids, purchasing a $1,500 mattress is not something that is likely to happen until the kids have gone off the college. Just when my husband and I were able to give up on the entire mattress shopping process and just purchase a cheap foam mattress topper, we came across a family owned business, OC Mattress King.

OC Mattress 6

The company keeps it simple by offering families just a couple of choices and can keep the prices low by not having a “fancy” showroom. We can go into their warehouse, lay on a couple of beds, and select our mattress in less than thirty minutes. The best part is that they offered the same $1,500-$2,000 mattresses that my husband and I looked at in the “fancy” mattress stores for only $450! That’s right..$450 for king Stearns and Foster mattress!

OC Mattress 5

We had the mattress delivered in a couple of days, and got ourselves a new set of sheets, and embarked on the best nights sleep could have ever dreamed of having. We have been sleeping on our new mattress for the past month and have noticed a huge difference in the way we feel because we are getting the best nights sleep possible.

OC Mattress 4

OC Mattress King gets new shipments on a regular basis always offering different high-quality name brand mattresses to their customers. When looking to purchase a new mattress in your home, help support this local OC Family owned business. They are located at 1045 North Shepard in Anaheim and can be contacted at 714-707-0929. (Delivery is available for an additional charge)

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  1. Thanks for the info. Even though it’s a sponsored post I appreciate it as we will be looking for a King sized mattress sometime soon!

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