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My association with Capo Unified School District is much like many other parents who want to stay involved with their children’s futures. I was recruited to become a PTA treasurer because of my background as an accountant. My son, Eric, was just entering the first grade and I had a preschooler at home. I hoped that I could contribute my time to help create the best education environment for my children, so I jumped in with both feet. Unfortunately I did not check how deep the water was before making that commitment. My involvement with the PTA gave me the opportunity to attend a state-wide PTA convention and a handful of school board meetings. The display of political in-fighting and lack of professionalism at board meetings quickly turned me away from the world of education politics. Julie Collier wouldn’t give up and continued to encourage me to stay involved anyway.

Julie and I first met when our sons, Eric and Jack, played on the same T-ball team. Even after baseball was over, and our sons were attending separate schools, we would see each other whenever I would attend district school board meetings or various community gatherings. Fortunately for me, and many other concerned parents, Julie had the stomach to keep her head above the political fray, and would report the unbiased details of each meeting relating to the students on her blog, Parents Advocate League (PALs.) This website would grow to become one of the foremost national advocates for our student’s educational futures. Even with the success of PALs, Julie’s main ambition has always been to ensure that the students of CUSD are not just receiving a proper education, but the best education, and I think she’s one of the best candidates to accomplish that.

My friendship with Julie has encouraged me to remain more involved with the education within our community. I have even spoken at board meetings, something that I never would have imagined after attending my first PTA meeting all those years ago. This is her talent. She can bring people together to play for the same team, our children’s. She is one of the few people who has been in the classroom as a student, mother, and a teacher.

I know for certain that Julie does her due diligence and looks at all sides of an issue before reacting. She has the ability to debate while remaining professional and able to consider opposing opinions. Most importantly to me, students have come, and always will come first. My opinion of CUSD politics has been reactionary and consistently to the benefit of the adults, not our students. That is not how you plan for a bright future. Julie Collier is not trying to make a career out of politics, but create a future for our children by playing on their team.  I’ve signed up, and I hope you will too.

Learn more about  Julie Collier online at or on Facebook/Julie Collier for CUSD.



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