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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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OC Sugaring and South County Skin & Body Center

Wendy attended the event as a guest of OC Sugaring

We at OC Moms are huge supporters of women helping women, so I was anxious to attend the open house at OC Sugaring and South County Skin & Body Center. In talking with these delightful women, I discovered that they have come together to offer a full range of clinical services in a boutique setting; sugaring hair removal, massage, anti-aging, acne treatments and facials to name a few.


What is sugaring? Sugaring is an ancient middle-eastern practice which uses an all-natural ingredient to remove the hair from the root. This process is better for the skin, removing only the hair and dead skin cells rather than the actual skin, like waxing. My experience with sugaring resulted in slower re-growth, fewer in grown hairs, didn’t burn my skin like waxing and I liked that it’s a natural product that is bio-degradable and an organic paste. All these benefits for the comparable cost, if not less expensive than waxing, made the switch to sugaring an easy one. Karie is a sugaring guru and offers head to toe pricing.

I’m pretty sure there’s not a woman out there that isn’t concerned about their skin and retaining a healthy glow. It’s no secret that if you take care of your skin, the results are noticeable to everyone. I immediately felt comfortable with Amy and Marilee when discussing their services; these ladies are the centers estheticians. Their services ensure that their clients have a youthful glow and restoring the skins natural beauty. Treatments offered are facials for all skin types, resurfacing, peels and microdermabrasion, anti-aging facials and adult / teen acne treatments.

Did you know that your body is made up of 645 muscles, 206 bones, 22 internal organs and 100 trillion cells? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either, but Martha, the centers massage therapist, does. Everyone know massage feels good but it has other benefits that you may not realize, like easing insomnia, lowering blood pressure, relieves tension headaches and promotes faster recovery from injury or illness. Martha offers massage, hand and feet reflexology and Jadience Detox body treatments at great prices.


We all deserve beautiful skin and to feel great; the ladies at OC Sugaring and South County Skin & Body will help you achieve just that. Find them at 30290 Rancho Viejo, suite # 210 in San Juan Capistrano. To schedule sugaring treatments, call Karie at 949.226.9829. Contact Martha at 949.636.7491 for a relaxing massage, or to receive a facial and other skin treatments call Marilee at 949.433.0879 or Amy 949.637.4725.

Wendy is a wife and mom of three that lives in Ladera Ranch. She enjoys experiencing life through the eyes of her kids, party planning, exercising, and cooking.
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