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OC Teens Bring Back Legendary Balboa Beach Company Brand


If you are a native to Orange County, then you can’t forget the classic Balboa Beach Company clothing line. When I was in High School, everyone had at least 2-3 pieces of clothing that sported the classic OC logo, and after awhile the company disappeared.


Guess what? Two amazing OC teens have brought back the legendary brand, and recently re-opened the store on Balboa Island. We talked with Samantha “Sami” Pratt about bringing back the brand, and what inspired her and her brother to bring back the Balboa Beach Company.


What inspired you to bring back this legendary brand?
I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and was looking for a company to start. My dad was sporting his Balboa Beach Company tee shirts and every time I asked about them, he’d share his memories of them with me. My mom owns Crush boutique on Balboa Island and when I would be in the store helping her, we’d often have people come in and ask about the brand and if it was still around. Over time my curiosity built and I thought, I think it’s time to bring back the Balboa Beach Company!

What do you remember about the brand?
Although I am barely old enough to remember the brand, what I love the most is hearing so many generations from locals to tourists talk about their fond memories of the Balboa Beach Company. As a lifestyle brand it became a staple for so many men, women and children. It’s almost like a “badge of honor” for people to wear. If I could sum it up, the brand “feels like home” to me.

What steps did you take to ensure the brand was just as locals remember it?
Maintaining the integrity of this iconic brand was very important to us. We relied on members of the community to send us photos of their old shirts so we could match the same color tees and logos together just like the brand did originally. We then began testing the product in a few stores like Crush and Hershey’s Market on Balboa Island and the demand grew immensely for a larger selection to be available.

What were your biggest challenges?
By far our largest challenge was selecting the right location for the store. We knew it needed to be on Balboa Island which has a limited supply of store locations, so it was a matter of timing to get the prime location we did. It’s been exciting to build up the store and see the expressions on locals and tourists faces alike and they realize the brand is back!

How does it feel to be a part of bringing back a brand that natives know and love?
It’s heartwarming to hear generations of families recount their fond memories of the Balboa Beach Company. This also means we bear a significant responsibility to revitalize the brand with care so it can continue to evolve and resonate with current and future generations. We want these feel good stories to continue!

Finally, what’s your must-have product in the store?
Hands down, the original tee with the tri-color red/blue/white Balboa Beach Company logo is my must-have. It goes everywhere with me!


Come check out their new store at 301 Marine Avenue on Balboa Island or purchase clothing online at

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