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OCMCO Presents a Concert with Soul

On Friday, April 26th, OCMCO presented two soul-touching concerts at the Sagerstrom Concert Hall. I was fortunate to attend the 5:00pm concert with my parents and uncle. Brett Stewart, conductor and co-founder, explained to the audience that, while the Christmas concerts tend to be more popular with the audiences, it is the spring concerts that are his favorite. For it is in the spring that a larger variety of music is available for the choirs and orchestra to explore.

This year’s spring concert was entitled “Then Sings My Soul” and I am certain anyone in the audience could tell that this concert was, in fact, an offering from his soul, and that of the musicians. The selections included spirituals such as “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho”, familiar songs such as “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand”, along with classic art songs including the famous Schubert piece “Erlkonig”. For me, and probably for most everyone in attendance, the encore piece “How Great Thou Art” was when my soul was touched and my emotions could no longer be contained. Stewart’s unique arrangement of the classic hymn presented by full orchestra and choir was truly an experience where you could feel your soul reaching toward a higher spiritual realm.

If you missed out on the opportunity to attend this concert let not your heart be troubled. First, the iTunes single of “How Great Thou Art” will be available in the coming weeks. Also, the annual Christmas concert will provide another opportunity to experience the majesty of OCMCO live.

Should you be so inclined, OCMCO is accepting new participants for the fall. Vocalists from the age of four years on up are welcome to join the choir. Children’s and youth choruses do not require auditions. Adults interested in participating will be provided an opportunity to audition. Musicians are also welcome to join the orchestra. For more information visit their website

With the growth of MCO to include locations in Orange County, CA ; East Valley, AZ; and now Dallas, TX. it was announced at the concert that the organization’s name is officially being changed to Millennial Choirs and Orchestras (our local chapter being now known as Orange County Millennial Choirs and Orchestra). This name change more appropriately represents the organization’s motto of “All Ages, All Faiths, One Voice”.

Julie is an OC Supermom to six beautiful children in Orange County. She is an editor with Astraea Press, active in the community and enjoys running in her free time.

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