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Tween Book Review: Oh My Godmother The Magic Mistake


Oh my Godmother! A new book came out and it is called (OMG) Oh my Godmother The magic Mistake. It is about a 12 year old named Lacey Unger-ware and her two friends Paige and Sunny. Lacey is a fairy Godmother and Paige and Sunny are her two BFF’s. Recently Sunny’s mom (Gina) got dumped at her wedding so she was super sad for the next couple of weeks. Suddenly there was a knock at lacey’s window. It was a fairy friend named Katerina. She tells lacey that she needs to be Gina’s fairy godmother and she needs to find Gina a new boy that she is going to marry.

Lacey, Paige, and Sunny finally find the perfect man for Gina. His name is Brian (Paige’s dad). Then suddenly he finds another woman that he likes more – so Gina gets dumped again.

Finally, Gina finds the man she is going to marry and his name is Coach Overdale. He is their PE coach from school! They both love each other very much. They get married at the school with everyone watching them. They love the school so that is why they got married there.

I recommend this book for ages 7 to 107. If your kids can’t read yet then it would be the perfect bedtime story for young girls. You could read one chapter a night. I think girls will like this book more than boys. It would make a perfect gift for birthdays and/or holidays. If you read this I guarantee you will love it as much as I love it (and that is a lot.)

You can buy this wonderful book at any nearby bookstore. Hopefully, you can squeeze some time into your busy schedule to buy the book.

OMG: The Magic Mistake
By Barbara Brauner and James Iver Mattson
Age: 8–12
Price: $16.99

Ella is the OC Mom Blog tween blogger. She is a student by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people.
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