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On-the-Scene with Spider-Man: Homecoming Star Tom Holland

I attended the interview as a guest of Sony/Marvel

Last year, I got the invitation of a lifetime. I opened my email to find out that I was invited to fly to Atlanta to go to the set where they were filming Spider-Man: Homecoming. The only thing was that I couldn’t tell anyone where I was going. I had to go dark on social media and disappear for a couple of days to see them film a scene from the movie and interview some of the cast. One of my favorite interviews while on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming was with Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Jacob Batalon (Ned, Spider-Man’s best friend).

I had just finished watching them film a scene from the film, and I sat down with Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon to talk about the film. We started by talking about how Holland found out that he was going to be the next Spider-Man! “That was a crazy day for me. I was in my bed, and I just lost at playing golf with my dad. I was scrolling through Instagram when I noticed that Marvel had posted a photo telling fans to go to their site to see who will be Spider-Man. I thought it wasn’t real because they would ring me. I went to the website but then closed my computer because I was petrified about what the verdict would be. Then I opened it and saw that they cast me. I lost my mind. My dog was so scared – it was great. Then my brother Harry said that they had probably been hacked because they would have ringed me. I rang my agents, and then Kevin rang me to say that they wanted me to be their Spider-Man. I was like…I know…you put it on Instagram,” said Holland.

It was the first lead role for Holland, and he said, “It was a little bit of a kick up the ass when I learned ‘do I get a break ever?’ and they were like ‘no not really.’ Its been really great. I’ve been so well looked after, and everyone has been so supportive of me. It’s been a tough road, but its been made easy by the people who work here.” Then Batalon said, “Marvel is such a family, and wehn you work with them, they know you for life.”

Batalon and Holland have such a great chemistry together both on the set and off the set. During the interview, they were bouncing off each other’s words, and I felt like they had been best friends since they were toddlers. They both said that the chemistry between the two of them came naturally. Before they started filming, they had them build a Lego Death Star together (which is in the film). Holland said, “We didn’t finish it. We got really close, and the props was like ‘we need the death star.'”

The biggest question that everyone wants to know is what’s it like to wear Spider-Man’s suit. Holland said, “It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life the first time that I put it on. It quickly became difficult to remain in it for a long time. The suit is so tight that the mask pulls down on my nose. We figured out a way to get out of it really fast, but the first week I wouldn’t go to the toilet all day because you need three people to get out of it. I always have to remind myself that whenever something is uncomfortable, there is a line of actors that would kill to be in my position. I am so grateful. As much as the suit was uncomfortable, it’s the coolest thing I could ever ask for.”

Finally, the most important question was asked of Holland as to what it was like to be a part of this movie. He said, “To be a part of this movie is mind blowing. I could never imagine that I would be here today. The high school part of his character is so relatable. Just to be a kid lost in the world. Every kid is like that at some point in their life, and I was. It was really easy to recreate that feeling.”

See Holland bring Spider-Man to life in Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters on July 7th. Learn more about Spider-Man: Homecoming online, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Love your pic with Spider-Man and Ned! You look so happy!

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