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Which Optional Extras Are Actually Worth It For Your Car?

Any savvy buyer is going to be well-aware of the idea that a salesperson might not always be making a pitch for their own best interest. Across all industries, you are going to get “upsold” on extras that you might not necessarily need and few are more famous for this than the car industry. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s always wise to have a blanket “no” answer towards any optional extras. Here, we’re going to look at a few that you should consider, and why they are worth considering.


Navigation tech

One of the single best things about modern driving is how obsolete the paper map has become. No longer do you have to stop and argue with your passengers about how to read the map with the dawn of digital navigation. However, there is another question to be addressed. Are satnavs really worth the extra money when we live in an age where anyone can bring up directions on their smartphone? Yes is the answer. Car satnav devices can be more sophisticated, helping with avoiding traffic jams, for instance. However, smartphones can even be used to enhance in-car satnavs with the help of software like Android Auto. Just be sure to check the reviews for the specific model of satnav provided, as their quality and reliability can vary quite a bit.

Bluetooth connectivity

More and more modern cars are coming with this as standard, nowadays. However, for those that do not, you might want to make that extra investment for Bluetooth connectivity and integration. For one, it’s vital for the in-built satnavs like those mentioned above. However, it can also offer a much safer and more convenient way to access infotainment or radio controls. Of course, just make sure that you also invest in a hands-free setup if you plan to rely on your smartphone to operate car controls. This feature is so worth it that it’s worth asking the seller if the car you’re looking at has Bluetooth connectivity, as you may want to avoid those that do not.

Parking sensors

As well as keeping you and your passengers safe, you want to make sure that you’re avoiding any nasty bumps to the vehicle, as well. Parking sensors can help you do just that by, as the name suggests, sensing when you’re approaching any other objects or obstacles when parking. These are becoming standard in more vehicles but if you don’t have them, you should consider making the investment. However, it’s worth noting that they are typically more worth it for larger cars that are going to be a little more difficult to park. If you’re driving a relatively small city car and you don’t have any trouble parking with it, then you might not need to invest in this immediately.



Dashcams are one of the most common extras offered alongside a new car purchase since they’re relatively easy to provide and hook up to the vehicle. However, you should do your homework to check how much you can buy one of the best dashcams with your own money and see how it adds up to the deal that you’re supposedly getting from the seller. However, the case that dashcams are excellent insurance and legal protection tools for drivers, as they can offer proof one way or another when an incident happens. Only a few manufacturers offer these as standard so it’s worth looking out for.

Cruise control

One of the purchases that might get a little more contentious for people, cruise control is there to help life easier by letting a car take on the strain of maintaining speed on a long drive. However, the one issue with cruise control is that, for certain drivers, it can encourage the bad habit of not keeping your mind on the road. You shouldn’t expect it to cut out the need for intervention or to help you maintain constant speed all the time. This is especially true if you override it with the accelerator or use it to go downhill. For that reason, get cruise control if you feel comfortable that you can trust yourself to use it appropriately.

Metallic paint

There are no practical benefits to metallic paint. They are purely an aesthetic choice and one that your mileage may vary on, personally. Whether or not metallic paint is worth it will depend on how much you like it. You shouldn’t spend that kind of money on something you don’t have much of an opinion on. However, there are very few people who genuinely hate metallic paint. The only reason this is relevant is because it affects the resale value of the car. When you sell the car, you can include the cost of the metallic paint job in the price. What’s more, if the car is made more attractive to more people by said paint, it can drive the demand for the car up, which may allow you to ask for more, too.

Upgrading your seats

Switching out your existing seats or seat covers might feel more like a vanity project than anything. While such vanity projects can improve the value retention of a vehicle and fight depreciation, more comfortable chairs mean a more comfortable drive. This can be very important to you if you spend a lot of time on the road. What’s more, there are also options like warming seats that can add even more value to a car. They’re not vital, by any sense of the word, but they do have some value worth considering.

Extended warranties

A longer warranty is supposed to help you make it easier to get your car fixed or have parts replaced without needing to spend too much money. A lot of people will say that you rarely keep a car beyond its initial warranty, but this largely depends on your own driving and car-buying habits. The truth is that there are really good extended car warranty options out there, but they should be judged on a provider-by-provider basis. If you’re buying a car, look at who is providing the extended warranty before you make your mind up on whether it’s worth investing in it or not.

Your insurance coverage

Of course, car insurance is not an extra, but you do have a lot of choices when it comes to what kind of coverage you get. Your primary thought might be to get the cheapest coverage that you can afford but there are times that this is not always the best option. Depending on how often you drive and where you are based, comprehensive car coverage might be the best option. It covers damage to yourself, your car, and to any third parties involved in accidents, which can be vital if you do a lot of driving and, as a result, are statistically more likely to end up in one. If you live in a city, you are more at risk of having your car stolen, the same as if you have a more expensive car. Comprehensive insurance also covers against this.

When it comes to your optional extras, you need to think about which speaks most to your needs. Some will be better for more expensive cars that have more value to retain, some will be better for city drivers who spend more time around tighter parking spaces and more cars. Hopefully, the above tips give you some ideas of which extras might be worth it for your car.

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