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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Orange County Spin Classes at GRIT Cycle in Costa Mesa


The little house where GRIT Cycle is located in Costa Mesa does not look like a workout facility. It is very inviting and clean with a great little porch.  Parking is very limited in the parking lot but there’s plenty of parking on the street next to it. I had no problem finding a place on the street to park.

The cycle room has stadium setting with over 40 bikes, all facing a mirror that created the illusion of over 100 bikes.

Each bike has a number and when you reserve a class online (which is really easy to do) you can pick exactly the bike you want according to a seating chart.

I think this feature is awesome! Being a busy mom, I can’t always get to a class 30 min in advance to get my “favorite spot”, but with GRIT Cycle knowing that the bike I reserve is there waiting for me as long as I get to class on time is great!


Matt, one of the owners, is very personable and the whole staff is very friendly and welcoming. As soon as I got there they made sure I had a cycle/spinning shoe. I have my own shoes, but since I have a triathlon clip (there are several types of clip) I didn’t know if I would be able to use mine.

Matt looked at it and said, “it would work!” Nothing like exercising with your own equipment! In fact, at GRIT Cycle, the pedals fit more than one type of bike pedal, and if you don’t have cycle shoes you can borrow or purchase some.


Matt showed me where my bike was, and as I got there, the bike had a little white towel on it, you know… just in case you start sweating! How awesome it that! Every bike had one!

The class was excellent! Matt keeps the whole class in rhythm, pedaling with the same foot at the beat of the music. The lights changed with every song, and Matt keeps you going and sweating for 45 min.

During the last 5-10 min we started working on our upper body with 2-3 lb. weights. He had us doing high repetition shoulder and arm exercises while pedaling. The burn was amazing! A full body workout!

As we started cooling down a girl goes around the room and hands everyone a cold towel with eucalyptus oil. What an amazing treat! The back door opens and the cycle room opens up to the little porch. As we walked outside they had a couple of bowl of fruits for us with chairs to chat and/or change shoes.


Be prepared for the room to get warm during the workout, and if you are sensitive to music with bad words, please let them know that in advance so they can do their best to make you feel comfortable.

GRIT Cycle is a great facility with great instructors. Thank you to GRIT Cycle for having me in for a visit. GRIT Cycle is located at 1731, Santa Ana Ave. in Costa Mesa. They can be contacted at 949-631-4748.

Sandra is Brazilian born; Venezuelan raised currently living in Orange County. Her husband along with their three children has lived in several cities throughout the world. Sandra is a stay at home mom who doesn’t have enough time to run, cook, bike, thrift, DIY, sew, swim, and compete in endurance sports, but she sneaks it in anyway. She has completed in more than 40 races varying between 5K to full marathon and sprints to iron distance triathlons.
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