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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Orange County’s Coastal Gem: Shaw’s Cove


Sun-glistening waves amongst a setting of beautiful rugged cliffs and swaying palm trees remind you of the reason we live in Southern California. Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach is a California travel brochure brought to life.




Our family loves this beach because it has something for everyone. The coastline creates a natural barrier to the large swells. The smaller waves help to lessen anxiety we may have felt at other beaches with our young children. We are able to relax and enjoy the fun, rather than anxiously anticipating the large sets coming in. This protection from the swells also lends it to be an environment perfect for diving and snorkeling, so don’t forget your snorkel gear. Scuba-diving instructors use the reef as their classroom and many lessons are taught here.




Low-tide is a great time to explore the scenic cove. The tide-pools are some of the best in Southern California. Each low-tide presents new creatures and we could spend hours just playing on the rocks. The kids especially love the sea cave found amidst the ridge and spotting the state marine fish, the Garibaldi.


So pack a festive drink umbrella for your coconut water, because the tranquility of this classic Orange County beach will make you feel as if you are on vacation.



Shaw’s Cove can be found by turning off of Pacific Coast Highway at Wave Street. Wave Street will end at Cliff Drive. This is a residential area so be careful not to block driveways as vehicles will be towed. The beach access is to the right. You will see a path of stairs leading down to the beach. There are no restroom facilities.


An Orange County mother of four, Tonya Goodbrand, loves exploring the world and sharing it with her family. She has a passion for travel which is quite contagious. Tonya hopes to inspire families to venture out of their comfort zone and see the world through their children’s eyes.
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