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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Oreo Father’s Day Giveaway

OC Mom Blog is receiving a gift set for our Dad, and one to giveaway on behalf of Oreo.


Happy Father’s Day! One of my kids daddy’s favorite things to do is dip Oreo’s in a glass of cold milk at night. In celebration of Dad’s everywhere, Oreo has shared this sweet Father’s Day e-card for everyone to send to their Oreo loving Dad’s in their lives. We are also happy to giveaway a special Oreo Father’s Day gift set to one OC Mom Blog Dad.

Dad will be dipping, twisting and licking his Oreo’s this Father’s Day with a #1 Dad glass and a special grocery store gift card to purchase Oreo’s! Enter to win below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. I love his straight forwardness!

  2. My dad was lots of fun. He took us fishing, shopping, and was a great cook to boot.

  3. LOVE IT!

  4. My dad is kind and considerate.

  5. My father isn’t in my life but what I love most about my husband is that he’s a generous and devoted father.

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  7. I like that my Dad is kind and generous
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  8. I love my dads stories and the fact that he can have a conversation with anyone.

  9. My dad has always supported me in everything I’ve done, even if we didn’t quite agree.

  10. I love how courageous and self motivated my dad is. He recently had his second stroke and the doctors told him he will not be able to recover very much. Six months later he has recovered much more than the doctor’s expectations all due to his courage and belief in his abilities!

  11. My dad is very strong person.
    [email protected]

  12. Oh I love that my dad is always there for us kids! Dont matter whats wrong…I always know I can go to dad!

  13. I love the dad to my kids because he likes to spend time with them!

  14. I love that my dad gives the very best pep talks ever!!

  15. (I don’t talk to my dad) My hubby is so amazing – he spoils me and our daughter so much!

  16. His silly sense of humor.

  17. I love that my dad is there for me no matter what

  18. I love that my dad believes in me!

  19. He is kind, gentle, has a great sense of humor and loves spending time with his family.

  20. I love the generosity of my Dad.

  21. My father and grandfather (My best friend)died when I was young. The best thing about my granddad was that he really loved me, wouldn’t let anyone touch me and he always kept my back warm at night, we slept back to back 😉
    My dad was a great dad he did all he could for us even after he and my mom split. He included us in his sons life (my half brother) and my step-mom aka my dad’s girlfriend was an amazing motherly figure. I really won our with her as a step mom, my mom died when I was 15 and pregnant, I was pregnant with my first child when she died, I was mom and dad. Sorry for rambling on.

  22. My dad is generous.

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