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How To Pack A Carry-On Like A Pro

Regardless of whether you are a frequent traveler or a vacation-only one, everyone can do without excessive luggage that costs both extra money and effort to cart around. Make life simple and learn the art of packing a carry-on like a professional so you can get through an entire trip with just one bag and are able to significantly lessen stress and muscle aches along with making sure you are carrying only those items that are absolutely necessary. 

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Versatile Items Save Space

When packing clothing consider first the purpose of the trip and packs versatile, multi-functional items that can easily be mixed and matched with each other to create various new looks. If you are going for a formal event, know that a single statement piece like a black dress or a classic suit will do the trick especially if you pack more than a couple of shirts or a few dressy blouses as well. A simple addition like a necklace or the right pair of heels can instantly upscale an outfit beyond recognition so avoid overpacking. 

Go Smaller Than Travel Size

If you are going somewhere for only a few days and staying at a decent hotel, you won’t even need to pack most of your toiletries as you can ask for some when you get there. If you still want to have a basic pack, consider packing sample sizes of all the cosmetic items you’re likely to need from sunblock to shaving cream. Most departmental stores will be happy to give you samples of items you purchase and use regularly so stock up on those. You could keep a basket in your home to gather such samples so you can use them whenever you need to travel. 

Furthermore, use all the available horizontal such as stuffing socks inside shoes and hats and rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Folding promises crease-free traveling as well as better utilization of space. When you pack shoes always put them in a plastic sheet or bag firsthand so you are not making other items dirty. 

Cube It

Packing cubes are a brilliant tool in the arsenal of a carry-on packing extraordinaire. Invest in a set of packing cube bags that come clearly labeled for all your need from outfits to gym clothes to underwear, shoes, and even hair appliances. Cubes make it easy to unpack and organize everything once you land and they also keep the mess contained. 

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast of your destination before your flight so you are packing appropriate items. Furthermore, be sure to pack extra bags for dirty laundry or gym clothing as well as for sneakers, etc that may get dirty after use. All in all, do note that every airline has a different carry-on size and weight allowance so check beforehand the American Airlines carry-on size

Practical Over Aesthetically Pleasing

Choose a carry-on bag that unzips to become larger and has plenty of pockets (although you should store electronics like a camera and laptop in your shoulder bag). While your heart may be set on a dainty carry-on, you will find being practical is more important in the case of luggage than having a gorgeous bag. 

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