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How to Pack for Your Trip to Disney World

It’s no secret we love Disney World, and as we’re just about an hour’s drive away, we’ve been to this enchanting amusement park plenty of times.  In fact, we’ve taken the trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida so often we’ve got the planning and packing drill down pat.  However, if it’s your first time to go, or you’re flying long-distance to Disney World, there are special considerations to keep in mind when you pack.  Read on for tips on how to pack for your next trip to Disney World so you can enjoy your visit properly.

Pack Smarter Not Harder

Packing for any trip can be mind-numbing on its own.  But packing for Disney World poses some unique challenges. For instance, perhaps you’re going to Disney World with toddlers or have teens in tow for your visit, and that means employing the three P’s: Planning, Preparation, and Patience.  Even if you’re not traveling to Disney World with tykes, you’ve still got to be savvy when packing.  Here are some essential items that are invaluable as you’re planning and packing for your trip to Disney World.

Get a Notebook

The best way to prepare for your trip is to start making lists.  Consider getting a pocket-sized journal and start writing down everything you need to do to prepare for your trip to Disney World.  This includes a list of things to take and things you need to do before you leave.  For instance, if you’re going to be gone a long time, you’ll need to make an account of safeguarding the house such as utilities and mail services.  Keep this notebook with you and jot down all those random “Oh, I need to do this!” thoughts in it.  This notebook can be a lifesaver for keeping all your plans in one place and on track.

Get a Crossbody Bag

This is the number one pro tip for traveling to Disney World.  A crossbody bag or neck bag is a slim, portfolio-style pouch with a strap meant for keeping your immediate travel documents on you at all times.  Keep critical items like cash, credit cards, tickets, boarding passes, and identification in this bag.   As this bag contains such crucial items, it’s good that it’s on your person at all times.  Furthermore, a crossbody bag is close to your body, and that safeguards your items from potentially getting pick-pocketed, lost, or stolen.

What to Pack for Disney World

It’s a no-brainer that packing for Disney World is going to look a lot different than, let’s say, packing for a trip to Alaska.  Some items such as medications or personal hygiene products are obvious must-have pack items.  However, here are a few essentials unique to Disney World you may want to consider packing.

Comfortable Footwear

Disney World has tons of transportation options to get around the park.  However, once you realize this is a 27,000-acre park, you’ll understand that walking is inevitable during your stay.  Therefore, pack comfortable shoes.  Also think about taking two pairs so you can alternate, giving your feet a break.  Resist the temptation to take those brand new, super-cute fashion shoes. Instead, your feet will thank you for packing comfortable slip on shoes for women or your best broken-in pair of sneakers during your visit.

Essentials Backpack

In addition to your slim crossbody bag that houses your tickets, IDs, and money – take a backpack so you can easily access and carry things you’ll need while in the park.  The top backpack essentials include: Sunscreen, hand sanitizer, chapstick, medications, basic first aid, wet wipes, water bottles, and phone chargers.  You can add whatever you like to this on-the-go bag, but these items are must-haves while touring Disney World.

Disney-Centric Carry-All Tote

Okay, between the crossbody (or fanny pack), and the essentials backpack, you might start feeling like a pack mule, but this Disney-specific bag is a must-have for first-time visitors and Disney World enthusiasts alike.  To explain, this bag contains all your essential Disney paraphernalia that is unique to the Disney experience.  Here are a few Disney-critical items to include: An autograph book and pen, pennies for wishing fountains and penny pressing machines, Disney pins for trading, glow sticks, and park-related guidebooks, maps, etc. This Disney-designated bag will help you keep organized and easily get your hands on items without rummaging through a bunch of stuff.

Know Before You Go

These are just a few suggestions for how to smartly pack for your trip to Disney World.  Ultimately, what you take (or choose not to take) is up to you.  However, be sure to double-check Disney World’s park rules before you go to be certain you’re in compliance.  Above all else, have tons of fun while visiting one of the most incredible amusement parks in the world!

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