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Packing Summer Lunches To-Go with Bentgo

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perfect bento box for kids

I am so excited that summer is almost here, and that I can go exploring every day with my three children. Since we are rarely home in the summer and spending our days hiking, swimming or relaxing on the beach, I have to make sure and plan in advance of what to pack for summer lunches. One of the biggest struggles that I have found with packing summer lunches is finding containers that will be leak-proof and keep the food cold throughout the warm summer mornings.

Bento lunchbox

Bentgo kids

I recently discovered a revolutionary product called Bentgo that has the ideal compartment sizes to create a “bento-style” lunch for your children in a leak-proof container. The all-in-one children’s bento lunchbox features five compartments, is lightweight, and insulated to help keep the food cold longer. I have found that putting the tray in the freezer overnight, and then adding the food to the chilled tray in the morning keeps the food cold until lunchtime.

leak proof bento box

Bentgo kids lunchbox

The Bentgo lunchboxes are priced at $39.99 (currently on sale for $27.99) and are available online. They contain no BPA, Vinyl, Lead, or PVC, and are FDA approved. Get creative with your kid’s summer lunches, and ensure they are eating healthier food choices by using the Bentgo children’s bento lunchboxes. Learn more about Bentgo online, Facebook, and Twitter.

creating a healthy bento box

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