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Painting with Wyland at The Aquarium of the Pacific

We attended as a guest of the Aquarium
photo 4

Wylands’ Art Challenge which starts today Sept 25-Nov 25, encourages millions of students to use Art to address ocean conservation. Whether students live on the coast or thousands of miles upstream, millions of elementary and secondary students across the United States are invited to explore the future of the ocean as art of the Wyland “Water Is Life” National Art Challenge, an annual individual art and mural contest.

photo 1

We attended the kick off event for the Art Challenge as a guest of the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was amazing to see Robert Wyland bring his love for the arts and the ocean to life before our eyes, as he painted a mural of a whale. We watched in awe as how quickly and effortlessly the whale came to life against the surface of the ocean. As he was sweeping his paint brush back and forth creating his whale, Wyland told the students that this is their ocean and to imagine the animals that might be in it. He handed the paint and paint brushes over to the students so they could add their art to the mural. The students enthusiastically started painting all types of ocean life from colorful fish, sea jellies, sea stars, stingrays to manatees.

photo 5

Ocean Scientist Dr. Sylvia Earl, was also at the launch of the art challenge. She has teamed up with Wyland in hopes that the process of interpreting the wonder of the ocean through art will lead students to a greater understanding of their role as future caretakers of the resource.

photo 2

Schools can enter murals into the contest and individuals can submit work as well. Individual winners will be displayed at the Aquarium of the Pacific. For more details, please visit Have fun exploring the ocean through art I know our family can’t wait. We are excited to come back to the Aquarium of the Pacific to check out the individual winners when they go on display.

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Jaime was born and raised in Southern Orange County and currently lives in Rancho Santa Margarita with her family. She has two amazing children and an adorable Frenchton. Her family keeps her on her toes or maybe it’s the other way around. She loves experiencing life through the eyes of her children, rather it be a new adventure or one of her childhood memories. In her downtime ( wink wink) you can find her on Pinterest searching for the next recipe she’s going to make or planning their next family adventure. She loves staying active in her kids lives rather it be volunteering at their school or for their sports teams. You should see her throw a football 🙂
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