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Pali Adventures Summer Camp Family Day



It is the first year that we are sending one of our kids away to summer camp. I have been a little selfish and wanted to spend every minute of summer with my kids over the years. Now that my older son is thirteen, he is ready to “spread his wings” and leave home for summer camp. When making the decision to send my son to an overnight summer camp, I did a ton of research. After hours upon hours of research, everything kept leading me back to Pali Adventures.




One of my biggest fears was his diet. My son has severe food allergies, and I have to be extra cautious when sending him somewhere where he’ll be eating without me or my husband present. Since he had attended a school trip to Pali, and they had handled his food allergies so carefully, I knew that this summer camp would be a perfect fit for him.



We finally made the decision and registered him to head to the mountains for the first week of summer at Pali Adventures. Before finalizing all the paperwork, we attended a free community family day at the camp. Thousands of families from the surrounding areas made the drive up into the mountains to visit the camp and to see everything that the children attending the camp will experience this summer.




What I found was a kids paradise. Our kids were able to play games, ride quads, climb the high ropes and more. We were able to tour the entire facility, ask the staff questions and learn about the program philosophy. Not only did my son fall in love with the summer camp but so did our entire family. The visit confirmed my decision that Pali Adventures is one the best overnight summer camps available for children in the Southern California area.





This weekend, we will drive back up to the mountains to drop my son off at an overnight summer camp for the first time (insert tears). While away at camp he will have a chance to make friends, mature and grow. As part of the registration process, we were able to put a credit in an account for him to purchase things from the store just in case he needs anything while away from home. We were also able to make arrangements for him to get a bus ride back to Orange County once his camp is over.






There is still time to register your kids for Pali Adventures summer camp where they will create lifelong memories just a short drive away in our local mountains.






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