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Pandemic Parenting- Advice For Keeping Your Children Happy At Home

The coronavirus pandemic is perhaps the most challenging health crisis the world had faced in the last century. Even as a vaccine is here, the virus is still overwhelming health experts and scientists with its new strains and repeated waves. Parents are struggling to keep their little ones happy and busy at home, as it seems to be the best way to stay safe. But you will probably identify with the challenge of keeping a bundle of energy occupied as they will want to be outdoors more than anything else. Thankfully, some parents have identified creative and resourceful ideas to achieve the feat. Let us share them with you.

Fostering Emotional Intelligence

Create a routine

Even before going all out with research and creative thinking, you must create a routine for your child. Since they are not going to school regularly and missing out on the outdoor play, there will be a lot of pent-up energy to deal with. Consider working on a routine that keeps them active and busy. A good part of the day will go to homeschooling but reserve the evenings for family games and fun interactions.

Assign chores

When it comes to using up their energy, you can think smart and leverage it to your advantage. Assigning age-appropriate chores like cleaning the dishes, putting away their clothes, clearing the dining area, and even cooking is a good idea. Consider activities they enjoy doing, and you can have a lot more work accomplished. Also, incentivize them for the good work, and they will be happy to help every day.

Refresh their personal space

It will be a lot easier for kids to stay indoors if they love their personal space. A DIY project for their bedroom is a good place to start. They will enjoy trying their hand at painting the walls or putting up new wallpaper. Having a fireplace in the room is a good idea as it will give the place a cozy ambiance now and keep it warm in the winter. You can opt for the best electric fireplace insert rather than the traditional fireplace that releases fumes. Ask the kid’s opinion and rearrange the furniture for a new look and feel.

Have a safe outing once a week

While the usual outings may still not be possible, you can consider taking the kids out once a week. Pick a safe place that isn’t crowded or simply take them for a drive. You can treat them with their favorite snacks and ice cream with drive-through options. Make sure that your family follows the recommended safety precautions when you are outdoors.

Think of daily themes

Another interesting idea you can try to keep the kids busy is to pick daily themes to keep them excited and looking forward to more. It could be a living room makeover with furniture rearrangement, declutter project, a family cooking spree, or a day with video gaming. Plan something different and enjoyable every day and participate in the activity. You will love it as much as they do.

Making the most of the time together as a family should be your top priority. Think outside the box, and you can surely keep your children happily busy at home.

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