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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Panificadora Rosarito Bakery

Shortly after checking into the Rosarito Beach Hotel, we had lunch at Tacos El Norteño. After lunch, we were in the mood for something sweet, so we walked next door to the Panificadora Rosarito Bakery.

Tacos El Norteno

The minute that we walked in the door, my tastebuds were tantalized. All I smelled was the scent of freshly baked loaves of bread and pastries. The bakery featured all of my favorite Mexican pastries. There was cookies, cinnamon rolls, freshly baked bread, and more.

Panificadora Rosarito

The owner provided us with metal trays and tongs to select the pastries we wished to purchase. It was the hardest part because I wanted to have a little bit of everything. And, that is exactly what I did. I selected a wide variety of desserts to enjoy back at the hotel. Plus, I purchased some to bring home to the family.

Finding the best Mexican Pastries in Rosarito

I purchased a wide variety of desserts, and the price was only a couple of dollars. The bread was so fresh and delicious. Also, the pastries tasted like heaven with every bite that I took.

Mexican Pastries

It’s not just pastries that you can find at this bakery, but also tortas. One of my friends purchased a torta while we were at the bakery and she said it was one of the best she has ever devoured.

Best Mexican Pastries

When visiting Rosarito Beach, Mexico, don’t miss stopping at Panificadora Rosarito Bakery. It is one of the best bakeries in town and guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Best Bakery in Rosarito Mexico


Blvd. Benito Juárez 639, Centro Carretera, 22710 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico

Bakery in Rosarito Beach Mexico

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