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Paper Towns Tween Review (Giveaway)

Review copy received


I watched Paper Towns, and I thought it was so cool! I LOVE love stories, and this was the perfect movie for me. While my brothers and my dad are more into action and adventure movies, me and my mom prefer a love story or mystery. Even though my brothers don’t like love stories, they liked this one. This movie has become one of my favorite movies. I could keep watching it over and over again if I could.

It all started at the beginning when Margo and Quentin were about my age, and they were going on mysteries together. It showed them growing up until they got to their senior year of high school. They grew apart over the years until they came back together right before Margo (Cara Delevingne) disappeared. Secretly Quentin (Nat Wolff) loved Margo.

The only thing that bothered me was the ending because it didn’t end how I wanted it too. I loved the part when they were all at prom, and they were all dancing together. All in all the movie was really good.

I  have always loved stories like this and from the moment I saw the trailer I automatically wanted to see this film.

I recommend this movie for ages 12 and up. This movie is great for all movie lovers. I really recommend it to love story and mystery type of movie lovers. I guarantee you that you will love this movie as much as I do if you watch it. This movie is probably the best love story ever. When you watch it make sure to have some popcorn and get ready to have your mind blown.

“Paper Towns” is available on DVD and Blu-ray starting today.

Giveaway Time! Enter to win a copy of this amazing DVD in the form below:

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Ella is the OC Mom Blog tween blogger. She is a student by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people.
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  1. graduation day!!

  2. My favorite memory is our senior trip to Disney World.

  3. High school was a bit of a drag for me so probably graduation day.

  4. My favorite High Schhol memory was my graduation day. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  5. i would say prom

  6. My favorite high school memory is prom night. I went with my boyfriend whom i married and it was one night we will never forget.

  7. Going to my prom with my twin sister and her boyfriend. They won prom king and queen and are still together. It has been 20 years so far and going strong.

  8. homecoming week my senior year of high school

  9. Meeting my sweetheart is my favorite high school memory

  10. SPirit week was my favorite memory

  11. My favorite high school memory was when I got to leave to become home schooled. I have social anxiety and going to school made me so stressed that I would get physically ill.

  12. Taking Art History. I found a new interest.

  13. My favorite high school memories are getting crowned Homecoming Queen, Prom, and football Fridays!

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