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Parent Guide to Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

PercyPoster1 - Thor Freudenthal

Based on the incredibly popular book series that has captivated young readers, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters continues the young demigod’s epic journey to fulfill his destiny. In order to save their world and friends, Percy and his own friends must find the Golden Fleece, around which many fables lie. They embark on a journey that none of them are truly prepared for into the Sea of Monsters…aka the Bermuda Triangle.  In order to return home safely, they must battle many things in Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters including their own inner struggles.

Percy-Group credit Elise Derby

Photo Credit Elise Derby

The film stars Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Leven Rambin, Jake Abel, Douglas Smith, and Stanley Tucci.  Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters is directed by Thor Freudenthal.  Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters is entertaining for children and adults, making it a fabulous film to see together with your children.  This movie will appeal to children six and up and is appropriate for those nine and older.  It is rated PG, which we find appropriate as it does contain fantasy action that requires a bit of maturity to understand.  There is some mild language that I would rather it be without but it is subtle.  The reason we would not recommend it for children younger than nine is because of the scary images; while they are fantasy, they will truly be scary for little ones.  We did take Ava, age six, to the screening and covered her eyes for these scary parts.

 In the end, after hearing her brother talk about the books, she was thrilled to share in the enjoyment of seeing the film and said she loved the movie and the characters.


We really encourage you to let your children (age appropriate of course) read the entire Percy Jackson series and watch the movies.  As an educator and former special educator, I saw first hand how young boys struggle with finding reading material that truly captivates them. Many times, until that special connection  happens, there is little to no true love of reading.  The Percy Jackson series will pull in young boys…and girls!

The next connection happens when they have both seen the movie and read the book so engage your children in discussion around the similarities and differences, what they enjoyed in the books versus the movie, and enjoy seeing their excitement.

As adults, we love a good book and a good movie.  We love feeling like we know the characters and relate to them as people. Percy jackson Sea of Monsters is that for children.  Encourage that love of literature, films, and true analytical thinking.

percy jackson and the

We give Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters our full support as parents…Will you be seeing Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters in theaters after it opens tomorrow on August 7th?  Do your children love the books?

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