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Parenting Tips For Parents In Wheelchairs

Living with a disability requires a lot of courage and a positive attitude but the daily difficulty can be exacerbated when the disabled or differently abled person is a parent. If you are living with a disability that confines you to a wheelchair, there are still a hundred and one ways to be a good parent to your child and enjoy the many joys of parenthood. Here are a few tips to make life easier for yourself and to raise your child the best you can!

Protecting And Facilitating The Young Ones

If you are taking care of a small child or infant you need to consider accessibility, ease, comfort, effective scheduling, and a network of loved ones willing to contribute and help out every once in a while. 

  • For transporting toddlers buy adaptive equipment such as strollers that are easy to use from a wheelchair, and special baby carriers (even a scarf can be improvised to hold a small child). 
  • Create a support network of family and friends to help you out with babysitting and certain activities that you struggle with. You can also join a support group for differently abled parents that offer advice, financial support, and specialized solutions to common problems. 
  • If you find it hard to shop for groceries and baby supplies find online marketplaces and websites to deliver the items to your home. Through various shopping apps, you can even schedule delivery of items weekly or biweekly. 
  • Make a playpen for your toddler that is accessible by wheelchair and buy other furniture such as beds that are wheelchair-friendly so you can tuck your little one in at night. You can find a reputable mobility equipment supplier online to buy items that are made keeping the differently abled in mind. 

Keeping Tabs In School 

Enroll your children in schools that are fully accessible for wheelchairs and have regular meetings with your child’s teachers so they know of the challenges you face and can accommodate your child accordingly. If you cannot do something like chaperone a school trip (as may be required of parents from time to time) volunteer to do baking for a bakeoff or a similar event. 

If you are unable to attend a parent-teacher meeting or any other assembly at school for any reason, your child’s teachers should be willing to email or conference call you to bring you up to speed on the details. On show and tell days you can organize a talk about your life as a parent in a wheelchair so more children get the awareness of the matter. 

Lastly, remember that physically assisting or being there for everything is not what makes the most difference in any child’s life. If your child knows you love him/her unconditionally and are doing all you can, they won’t compare themselves unfavorably with other children at school. Make a point of communicating well with your children, addressing their problems, and offering support, they should always know you’re there for them! 

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