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Parents Guide for the Transition to Middle School

preparing children for middle school

The transition to middle school can be big step for everyone in the family, but with some simple preparations the journey can be a little easier. Here are three simple, yet helpful parenting tips to transition your son or daughter from elementary to middle school.

Bring a Sense of Humor

One important tip when transitioning to middle school is a sense of humor. When I mentioned to my 13 year old son that I was writing a piece about the transition to middle school, he said “You are now officially the mom in the the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid movie.” and I just laughed.  One of the biggest gifts you can give your son or daughter during this transition phase is a sense of humor and a very open heart. Of course you need to prepare them and take what they say to heart, but offering humor and remembering your own experience might help ease the stress and pressure and make the transition less difficult for everyone.

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