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Parents Guide for the Transition to Middle School

transition to middle school

Keep Open Communication and Prepare in Advance

Another tip that’s very important is to keep communication open and prepare for the transition to middle school.  About a month before school starts, begin mentioning and sharing light hearted tales of your own experience in middle school.  Your son or daughter may say funny things about your story being out dated, but try and brush that off and keep an open dialog.  About two weeks before school starts, begin talking about the experience and ask them questions about what they may need or what might help them get ready for school.  As a parent, you will have your own ideas, but it’s more important to listen to their experience. Adolescence is a time of big changes and growth and setting the stage early for open communication and dialog will only benefit your relationship now and in the future. In writing this, I asked my son what helped him and he said “Mom, it wasn’t the clothes, but importantly, I liked picking out my school supplies, getting familiar with the school and meeting my friends.”  We also discussed the first day of school and he had very specific ideas that I honored and respected.  Asking specific questions (even if you think you might know what’s best), keeps the communication open and encourages them think independently and create their own plan for a successful transition.

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