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Parents Guide to Teaching Children to have Quiet Time

parents guide to teaching children

Copyright Trenton G. Adams, used by permission,

When was the last time you took time to just notice your breath and the beauty around you?  If you are like many busy families, it’s been a while.  Teaching your children about a daily quiet time can be a great way to help them find peace and restoration in their daily lives.  Here are three simple ideas to get your family started…

1. Set Expectations

It’s important to set the expectations with your child before they get started.  For example, with young kids you may want to explain why a quiet time is important, how long they will be taking a quiet time and provide them with some independent activities to help them be successful.   For some children, it might also be helpful to use a timer and start with 10-15 minute sessions.  Some helpful independent quiet time ideas might be a basket of their favorite books, easy crafts, markers, a journal and colored paper. In any case, it’s a journey and not a destination.  Start small with little steps and let your family offer some creative ideas on how they might create this quiet place for themselves.

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