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Parents Guide to Teaching Children to have Quiet Time

parents guide to teaching children how to have quiet time

Copyright Trenton G. Adams, used by permission,

2. Create A Special Place

To begin creating an atmosphere where children can take some quiet time, it’s important to create a space for it.  This space doesn’t need to be a complete room, but just a special place to hang out and be quiet and calm.  My kids quiet places have shifted over the years.  For many years they built blanket forts in our upstairs loft and that was the perfect quiet zone for them.  They’ve also built tents in our backyard, sat in a favorite, quiet chair or even in our backyard tree house. It doesn’t matter where it is, it just needs to be a special place where your child can sit and breathe, and take some quiet time. By teaching your child about a quiet time you are teaching them ways to self soothe and restore and in today’s busy world, that’s time well spent.

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