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How to Pass a Solar Inspection?

Though you have installed the solar panels, you cannot use them until after the inspection. However, congratulations are for a successful installation! A city engineer or inspector will lead the inspection, and here is how to pass it. 

Grounding Equipment

The most apparent fear regarding solar panels is coming in contact with electricity. It is a legitimate fear that is minimized using a process called equipment grounding. The step requires grounding metal and other materials that are conductive to electricity. If you are wondering why we are dramatizing equipment grounding, think again! It may result in fires and electrocution of a loved one.

Equipment grounding requires you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly as proposed. You can also employ permanent crimps to ground the conductor. It will work far better than using wiring nuts. Another suggestion involves landing the grounding bus bar and continuing it alongside on the ground as far as possible.

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Stick to The Plan

Before we move further, we further emphasize not to stray from installation steps provided by the manufacturer. A misstep will require you to resubmit the inspection permits and wait for the inspectors to inspect again. The whole time your installed solar system will stand idly without producing energy.

Assist the inspector on the inspection day by leading with a walkthrough. Present yourself knowing well of the precautions and risks involved. Remove the covers of the equipment before the appointment to make sure no internal wiring is visible. We hope you do not experience any unfortunate incidents from a few sparks.

Be on Time

Never be late for the appointment. The inspector is taking time out of his busy schedule to visit the building. Therefore, we suggest you visit the location early and prepare for the inspection. The inspection will not be a surprise visit, however. You will be intimated four hours before the inspection, so you do not waste the whole day waiting.

Warning! If you fail to arrive or are not present at the inspection time, you will fail it automatically. This further aggravates the situation with an annoyed inspector who is less likely to operate. Arrive early to avoid such circumstances.


There is no need to be short or act superior to the inspector because you own the land or building. Remember, the inspectors are people too, and they are simply doing their jobs. Cooperative inspectors will result in speedier inspections and a far better inspection outcome. 

Avoid complaining to the inspector if he is late. Be a breath of fresh air on a day they have been encountering difficult people on their job! Remember, as much as we want to tell him, and we need the inspector to move forward with clean energy production.

Enjoy The New Solar Panels!

After you have passed the inspection, you shall be coined victorious. There isn’t a throne or crown with your name engraved on it, just a simple yes to producing energy using solar panels. 

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