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Pencils to Pixels with Disney’s Animated Short Get a Horse

Disney Get a Horse

You are not going to want to arrive late for the Walt Disney Feature Animated film “Frozen” because of the short “Get a Horse” that debuts before the film. “Get a Horse” not only features the voice of Walt Disney, but was also directed by the first female to ever work on a Mickey Mouse film. When learning about the Disney short, “Get a Horse” I had the most unique experience of getting to learn how to draw Pete from the highly-acclaimed Disney animator, Eric Goldberg.


One of the greatest gifts that I give to my children is a love for the arts, and when I came home from the Disney “Frozen” press event, I could not wait to teach them how to draw Pete who is featured in the upcoming Disney short “Get a Horse.” We spent countless hours together creating unforgettable memories drawing different versions of Pete from “Get a Horse.”


One of the biggest challenges when working on the short “Get a Horse” was having to evolve Mickey Mouse backwards. “The Mickey Mouse that many of us have been animating for the past 20 years, has been the 1939 Mickey that was designed by Freddy Moore,” said Eric Goldberg.

"GET A HORSE!" Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse model sheet. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

“GET A HORSE!” Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse model sheet. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

The animators had to go back to the way that Mickey was drawn in 1928 when creating this short. “Walt’s earliest Mickey started with more rounded circle, and a slightly pronounced snout,” said Goldberg. Over the years Mickey has continued to evolve, and for the first time they got to go back decades to bring back the Mickey Mouse that Walt Disney originally created.

Your family will get an opportunity to see Mickey Mouse the way he was originally designed in the Walt Disney animated short “Get a Horse” before the feature film “Frozen” that is currently in theaters.

We attended a press event as a guest of Disney

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