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The People Behind the Story in Million Dollar Arm

We attended as a guest of Disney


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The film “Million Dollar Arm” is an incredible film based on the life-changing true story of Dinesh Patel, Rinku Singh and JB Bernstein. In the film, JB Bernstein travels all over India in search of a crickett player that they could train to become a major league baseball player.

The film has a heartwarming and inspirational story, and I cannot wait to bring my children to see it.

After seeing the film, we sat down with Dinesh, Rinku and JB Bernstein to talk with them about their life story being told in the film “Million Dollar Arm.” With films that are based off a true story, I am always curious to see how true the film is to the real-life story. “This is a true story, but they sprinkle a little cream on top to make it Hollywood,” said JB Bernstein.

Rinku and Dinesh had known nothing about baseball before coming to America, and we asked them what it was like learning the sport. “It really takes some time. Just like, if you took an American Baseball Player and make them become a Crikett Player, they have no idea. It was a totally different world for me coming here, and playing professional baseball,” said Rinku.

These boys had never left their small villages in India, and the scene where they said good-bye to their parents in the film has left a lasting impression on me.  “My parents were afraid of my leaving. They said, don’t go because this is a new world for me,” said Dinesh. Then Rinku said, “We didn’t just leave our family. We left our culture, family, friends, food, and we were just 18 year old kids.”

There is so much that families can take away from the film “Million Dollar Arm.” JB Bernstein said, “Our hope is really two things. One is that people take away what these guys have endured and persevered in order to be successful, and take away the lesson that dreams are possible in this Country more so than maybe anywhere else in the world.”

I highly encourage your family to go see “Million Dollar Arm” this weekend. Your children will walk away from the film knowing that no dream is too big and they can do anything they want with their life if they just put their mind to it.

“Million Dollar Arm” will be in theaters tomorrow.

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