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Personalized Car Detailing Service For Cheap


We got lots of knocks on the door with people trying to sell things. One day I got a knock on the door that would make my life easier as a busy mom to three young children. When I opened the door to Alex, he attempted to sell me with his car cleaning service. The first thing that came to my mind was the huge amount of cost he would charge for the convenience of home car cleaning. I was extremely surprised to learn that his cleaning service was less expensive than taking my car to the Chevron for a washing, and I could still spend my morning playing with the kids at home.

Alex’s Detail Service not only cleaned my car beautifully, but got every last crumb of the cheerios off the floor. My suburban went from trashed to looking like a brand new car.

The best part – he only charges $25 a car!!

Alex has been getting busier over the past couple of years as people learn about the convenience of his reasonably priced service. I recommend calling him the evening before to schedule an in-home cleaning of your car. Give him a try – you will not be disappointed.

Alex’s Auto Detail Service. 949-891-3700

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  1. Good to know, thanks! My car is in desperate need of a good cleaning.

  2. Good post! Many people think detailing costs a lot and there are some deals are there – so take advantage of it. Will help to preserve your cars value too!

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