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Peter Pan Scavenger Hunt Around Walt Disney Studios

I visited as a guest of Disney

I have visited the Walt Disney Studios many times in the past, and my recent trip was one of my all-time favorites. I was visiting to experience a private tour of Walt Disney’s office and embark on a magical adventure of doing a Peter Pan scavenger hunt around Walt Disney Studios.

The Walt Disney Studios is one of the most creative environments I have ever visited and a place where nobody would question a group of five women running around with Peter Pan hats on. For the scavenger hunt, we were all divided into groups of five, and I got to be on team Peter Pan. We were then given a series of envelopes filled with creative clues.

We got extra points if we found the hidden Peter Pan shadows around the studio lot or found items that were the color of the rainbow. We got a little silly with the colors of the rainbow and took a fun picture with an orange construction cone.

One of our stops took us to an office where we had to assemble a Peter Pan puzzle. Everyone worked furiously to solve the puzzle, and I stood in the back cheering them on – because I make a better cheerleader vs. puzzle solver.

Another stop involved us remembering the Peter Pan movie. During this one stop along the scavenger hunt, we had to answer some tough Peter Pan trivia questions. For as many times as I had seen the movie, some of the questions had me stumped.

There were stops along the scavenger hunt where we collected mini jars of pixie dust, Peter Pan themed accessories and even a cute mini thimble.

The one thing about the day when we had the scavenger hunt was that it was one of the hottest days ever in Burbank. The scavenger hunt had us running all over the massive studio in an “Amazing Race” style hunt to try and find all the clues. One of our team members got overheated, and we came together as a team to support her. The best part of the scavenger hunt was how we came together as a team to support each other and care for one another, just like the characters do in the film Peter Pan – nobody gets left behind.

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  1. You are so awesome, thank you for being so kind to me and helping me! What a memory!

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