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Peter Rabbit: A Movie Filled with Laughter and Heart

We attended as a guest of Sony

It was a beautiful sunny day in West Hollywood where the cast of the upcoming film, Peter Rabbit came together to spend the afternoon talking about the movie. The entire cast took their seats, and we began an enjoyable afternoon talking about how they created the film.

James Corden who plays Peter Rabbit began by talking about how important it was for them to honor a character that is so beloved. He shared with us that the Director of the film, Will Gluck, wanted to unlock the lovable, mischievous character that had been created in the beautiful books by Beatrix Potter. “Will understands the legacy of the character and the world where he lives. More than anything he wanted to reintroduce the character to so many young people who will hopefully leave the movie theater and go discover these incredible books,” said Corden.

Elizabeth Debicki and Margot Robbie play two of the sister bunnies in the film. “It was liberating focusing on an animated character because you just have to focus on the voice vs. the actions,” said Robbie. Then Debicki shared with us that she could see herself in the bunny while watching the film. “I love Flopsy so much because of her sweet little lisp. It was the sweetest thing I ever heard, and I am so in love with her,” said Debicki. Robbie added by mentioning that the lisp was always in the script and she also loved it. “There is something quite endearing about a character with a lisp. You can understand where she gets her frustration. She can’t quite articulate herself in the way she wants too, and more than anything, she is trying to win status quo with her sisters,” said Robbie. Robbie is the third of four children and could relate to that dynamic and had a lot of fun with it.

The film has a blend of live action and CGI characters, and we asked Rose Byrne and Domhnall Gleeson what it was like working with CGI character. “There were tennis balls, men in blue leotards, and a blue stick. It’s weird, but you adjust to it, and occasionally you catch yourself going, ‘what am I doing?'” said Byrne. Gleeson added by saying, “One of the central things of the film is that humans don’t know that animals can talk in the world where we exist. There wasn’t a whole lot of talking back and forth with the animals which helped a little.”

Will Gluck jumped into the conversation by making the entire audience laugh by saying, “It was a long process for them to work with blue balls.” After the laughter from his comment ended he continued to share with us how many Directors will say how great it is to work with an amazing cast, but that this film truly does have an amazing cast. “So much of it is their personalities. James and I had many sessions where we did a lot of rewriting and figuring things out. It was a group effort. We tried to keep it grounded in reality, and what we thought Beatrix Potter would smile down on us for,” said Gluck.

The biggest question that we are always asked about a film is what is the target age range. Gluck immediately shared with us that he recommends it for ages 2-98. “There is a lot of stuff for both kids and adults. There is never a joke, or a scene that’s just for adults and the kids don’t understand. It’s a movie that your going have to take your kids to see because they are nagging you to go, but then you are going to be very excited, very early on that, it is for you as well,” said Gluck.

Domhnall Gleeson agreed and said, “This movie aims to make children laugh and be happy. There is no better sound in the world than a group of kids laughing. It just makes you happy as well. If it does what we set out to do and makes some children laugh, then I will be absolutely delighted.”

My favorite part of the film was the excellent messages that it has for children to take away. James Corden agreed and shared with us that his six-year-old son told him after seeing the film that he loved the message of that everybody makes mistakes (which is inevitable). But what is important is not the mistake you make, but it’s how you react to the mistake and the person you are after the mistake. “I thought it was a wonderful message,” said Corden.

Don’t miss bringing your children to this heartwarming movie in theaters this Friday, February 9th.

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