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Pete’s Dragon Family Activity Kit


I can’t wait to bring my children to see Pete’s Dragon when it comes out in theaters on August 12th. To get them excited about seeing the movie, I surprised them this weekend by doing some fun and interactive Pete’s Dragon family activities from the Pete’s Dragon Activity Kit that Disney created. Disney knows the importance of expanding on a moviegoing experience with children and creates these amazing activity kits for parents to use with their children at home. Download high resolution pages here.

The kit includes:

How to encourage imaginary play

Pete's Dragon encouraging imaginary play

The importance of Imaginary Play

Pete's Dragon Imaginary Play

Inspiring Imagination Outdoors

Pete's Dragon Inspiring the outdoors

Inspirational Place for Imaginative Play

Pete's Dragon Places for Imaginary Play

Go on a Micro Quest

Pete's Dragon Discover Hidden

Discovery Hidden Dragons

Pete's Dragon Discover Hidden Dragons

Liberate Your Library

Pete's Dragon Liberate Your Library

Build a Dragon’s Lair

Pete's Dragon Dinosaur Lair

Frame a Friend

Pete's Dragon Frame a Friend

Download the high resolution worksheets online here. Don’t miss seeing Pete’s Dragon in theaters on August 12th. Learn more about Pete’s Dragon online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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