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The Pink House in Genoa Nevada

We visited The Pink House in Genoa as a guest of Carson Valley

Relaxing on the front porch of The Pink House in Genoa Nevada

Anytime that I am at a restaurant, and I see charcuterie on the menu, I always make reservations. While planning our trip to Carson Valley in Nevada, I learned about the historic town of Genoa.

Living Room at The Pink House in Nevada

The one thing that stood out to me was The Pink House. I needed to inquire about a restaurant that specialized in my two favorite foods: meat and cheese.

We went to have lunch at The Pink House after exploring off the beaten path with JT Humphrey’s wildlife tours.

Chevy Tahoe at The Pink House in Nevada

The minute that we parked our Chevy Tahoe in front of the house, we were in love. In fact, the restaurant is an Instagrammers dream come true.

Dining Room at The Pink House

We walked into the restaurant, and there was a sign guiding us to the back to place our order. We got lucky and arrived on the day after they launched their new menu.

Since we came there just for their charcuterie, we started with their cheese sampler. Why didn’t I order meats? I don’t know?

Cheese Sampler

Cheese Sampler at The Pink House

When the cheese tray arrived, we immediately started tasting the different cheeses. My son is in a culinary arts high school program, and the types of cheeses served amazed him!

Our favorite was the truffle brie. Oh my!

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich at The Pink House

For lunch, my older son ordered the Cuban sandwich. The sandwich featured slow roasted pork, black forest ham, Emmentaler, spicy bread, butter pickles, and whole grain mustard that was hot pressed into a soft roll. He devoured the sandwich within just a few minutes.

Also, he paired the sandwich with a cup of their tomato bisque soup. Everyone at our table kept dipping bread into the savory soup, wishing we had gotten a cup.

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese at The Pink House

My daughter had wanted to order the chicken pot pie, but her tastebuds guided her towards the macaroni and cheese. The dish featured an artisan cheese blend and bread crumb toppings. Also, it came served in a warm cast iron skillet.

The macaroni and cheese was unlike any other. It was made with “real” cheese and was hot ~ and oh, so delicious. I couldn’t help but keep sticking my fork into her plate for one or more bites.

Cheesemonger’s grilled cheese

Cheesemonger's grilled cheese at The Pink House

My younger son loves his grilled cheese. With him being an upcoming cheesemonger, I ordered him the Cheesemonger’s grilled cheese sandwich. Inside of warm sourdough bread, they fill it with melted cheddar, brie, and smoked gouda. There is also the option of adding bacon, tomato or caramelized onion.

He ate almost every bite of his sandwich, leaving a couple of bits of the herbed butter crust for us to dip into my older son’s tomato soup.

I recommend getting this sandwich, especially with a cup tomato soup on a warm winter afternoon. It will be pure bliss.

History of The Pink House

The Front of The Pink House

The best part of dining at The Pink House is getting to dine in one of the first houses ever built in Nevada! John Reese, founder of the Mormon Station, built the house in 1853.

The house then moved from Mill Street to its present location in 1870 by pioneer merchant J.R. Johnson. It then sold to Judge D.W. Virgin in 1884 and remained his home and then that of his daughter, Lillian Finnegan, until 1938.

From 1939 until 1971 it has had several owners, and Walt and Nora Merrell purchased the property in 1971.

A visit to The Pink House is a must when traveling to Carson Valley.

Sitting in the living room of The Pink House

Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday 11 am to 5 pm
Closed on Monday

193 Genoa Lane
Genoa, Nevada 89411

Learn more about planning a trip to Carson Valley online.

The Pink House Genoa Nevada

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