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Fall in Love with Piper Before Seeing Finding Dory

We attended a preview event for the film as a guest of Disney

Piper in Finding Dory

Families across America are going to fall in love with Piper in the newest Pixar Animation Studios short that will debut before Finding Dory in theaters on Friday. The animation short is one of the most magical creations ever to come out of the Pixar Animation Studios, and is a story that will warm your heart, and you’ll want to watch again and again.

The short is directed by Alan Barillaro and produced by Marc Sondheimer. Piper first came to fruition when Barillaro was working with Pixar’s software development team following his work on “Brave.” While on the team, he was working on designing a new animation tool, and created a short animation test with the tool of a sandpiper on the beach. Barillaro, who is known for working on almost every Pixar animation film, continued to work on bringing Piper to life and turned the animation test into a short film worthy of debuting before an animated feature film.

Piper Pixar Animation

The story of Piper is one that is relatable to all parents. It is a story about a young sandpiper that is just about to leave the nest and begins her journey in the world. The short is a musical masterpiece with beautiful music playing a role in telling the story along with realistic animation that immersed me into the world where Piper was living.

Pixar's Piper with her mom

At the beginning of the story, Piper’s mom helps to teach her how to find food, and Piper faces many challenges and fears along the way, just like children do as they begin to grow-up. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll fall in love with Piper before seeing Finding Dory in theaters on Friday. The animation short is rated “G” and is six minutes long.

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