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Pirate Coast to host…Aloha Paddle for Water 2014


Today while driving to work I had a crazy thought, “while I am at work today, what if I knew my wife Korrie would throw my son on her back, grab the family water jug, and travel miles to the nearest place to access water?”

After hours of her journey to get water, and then collect water that is not clean water – water that is full of bacteria causing many deathly diseases. She then would take this heavy water jug back to our home for us. This scenario is a reality to many women in developing countries today. Now close to 1 billion people on earth do not have access to clean water. 5,000 children under eight years old die everyday due to water related disease. This is simply is not okay.

In 2010 shortly after I started Pirate Coast Paddle Co, with two of my best friends, we launched Paddle for Water. All three owners are passionate about using our paddle board business to change the world, and help the community. In 2010, we did the first Paddle for Water, raised $5,300, and built a clean water well in the Central African Republic bringing 265 people clean water in a small village for 20 years. In 2012, we did our 2nd Paddle for Water and raised $11,200, and built 2 wells bringing over 500 people clean water. So it’s 2014, and our hope is to raise $15,000 to bring more people in developing nations access to clean and safe drinking water.

On May 24th from 12pm-4pm, we are throwing a rocking beach party called Aloha Paddle for Water. This will be a celebration of the campaign, and super family event. There will be live music, food, drinks, a bounce, house, electric bike rentals, vendors, paddle boarding, silent auction, raffle, and more.

When: May 24th 12pm-4pm
Where: Pirate Coast Beach @ the Newport Dunes Resort (1131 Back Bay Drive, Newport Beach
Cost: $20pp ( see link to buy ticket) * Includes everything, except food & drinks.
What: A family fun beach party with a really great cause.

Donate to Paddle for Water 2014

Buy Tickets for Aloha Paddle for Water


The villagers using new well built by Paddle for Water 2012.


These children now have a clean water well in their village in the Central African Republic thanks to Paddle for Water 2012.


This is the plaque mounted on the well in Central African Republic that reads “Paddle for Water”.


Native Orange County Waterman, and Owner of Pirate Coast Paddle Co in Newport Beach ( ) Husband to Korrie Lukei (, father to Maverick and soon to be Sawyer. Pastor at Mariners Church, Irvine. Follow Tim @ocsurfdad on Instagram.
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