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Places of Power: Where to Go When You’re Young

The places of power are the special locations you can find almost in every country. Those places always have historical, political, or religious meaning. 

Places of Power: Where to Go When You’re Young

When you are young and adventurous, you should take any opportunity to travel that crosses your path. Truly, traveling gets harder with age when you have more responsibilities on your hands. However, youth is meant to be adventurous, a little bit wild, spiritual, and exciting. You have to take risks, make your own opportunities, and take the world by storm. 

Though, to achieve all of that, young people need to feed on some energy, don’t they? Youth requires a lot of energy, and sometimes it’s nice to recharge and receive some spiritual power. That is why traveling to places of power once in a while can be a great idea. The world is full of powerful places. Humankind gives those places this meaning. Whether those are the places of worship, historically significant sites, or places of political power, those are special locations that attract lots of tourists and pilgrims every year. 

So here are some of the locations that can be called the places of power. Whether you are religious or not, you can find a perfect destination for yourself if you want to feed on the energy of those places. 

Luxor, Cairo, Egypt

Not far from Cairo, on the Eastern bank of the great Nile, you can come across the ruins of the ancient temples of Luxor and Karnak. First of all, it is a place of rare and atypical beauty. The scale of this place makes you wonder how powerful it used to look thousands of years ago when it was built. Seeing pyramids in Cairo has become a traditional tourist experience. Though, visiting Luxor is more of spiritual sightseeing. This place is real evidence of the power of Ancient Egyptian civilization. 

This ancient temple complex is the definition of a place of power that has been around for centuries now. If you are in Egypt, you should definitely pay Luxar a visit, learn more about its culture and feel the power of the temple firsthand. 

Chichén Itzá, México 

Chichén Itzá has been the political center of the Maya people, the ancient civilization of what now is Mexico. The Maya civilization is one of the most fascinating and under-researched civilizations at the moment. The Maya people hold the most political power over the region. It was a successful and prospering civilization for a very prolonged period. By visiting Chichén Itzá, you don’t just go sightseeing to an unusual architectural structure. You also go to touch the history there. An ancient building transmits the unique power that this civilization acquired thousands of years ago. 

Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Jerusalem alone is often considered one of the holiest places on Earth for billions of people. The city lies in the heart of three major world religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The Temple Mount is in the middle of the city, and it has been the holy site for all three religions for hundreds of years. This site has always been a place where people could leave their difference behind to honor the holiness and power of those walls. 

It may take days to learn the entire history of this location, so you can seek a paperhelp service to get research done for you. 

Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

Now, you can agree or strongly disagree with the politics of this region but the Kremlin has often been a major place of power in the world. This is the location where so many influential political decisions took place. This place is located right in the center of Moscow. Originally, it was one of the first fortifications in the city. Though, eventually, by the efforts of the Rurik dynasty, it became the residence of the tsars, the center of the political power in the region. 

Though, even leaving politics aside, you can simply enjoy the interesting aesthetics of that place. The Kremlin is nothing like you’ve ever seen in life. The bright colors of the church and the fortification walls will have a long-lasting impression even on experienced travelers. It simply radiates power to the people beneath those walls. 

The White House, Washington, USA

Needless to say, when you think of a place of power in the US, you immediately think of the White House. After all, this has always been the location to host the highest political figure in the country. The White House has also become the symbol of the ultimate American dream, that everyone who works hard can become anyone they want, including the president. 

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Doesn’t matter which religion you are following. Hagia Sophia is open for everyone. Knowing about the history of this place is the same as knowing about the history of Istanbul (Constantinople) on its own. 

Not long ago, Hagia Sophia obtained the status of the Holy Mosque of Hagia Sophia the Grand, which was a rather disputed decision. This place of worship has major cultural and historical importance to the region that lies outside and beyond religion. 

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